Huping: "China wants to make the new generation of Uyghurs indistinguishable from the Chinese!" Huping: "China wants to make the new generation of Uyghurs indistinguishable from the Chinese!"

Huping: "China wants to make the new generation of Uyghurs indistinguishable from the Chinese!"

Huping: "China wants to make the new generation of Uyghurs indistinguishable from the Chinese!"

One of China's government media, "News Network", reported on December 1st that in recent years, Chinese authorities have been teaching teachers and students in the education system of Baingolun State to promote the so-called "building the consciousness of the Zhonghua ethnic community" to closely integrate the moral character of young people. It is known that education has been urgently strengthened.

"China's fundamental goal is to destroy the sense of national identity among the young generation of Uyghurs"

Mr. Hu Ping, a Chinese analyst in the United States, gave an interview to our radio station and said that this type of propaganda by the Chinese authorities has led to the destruction of the Uyghur people's national identity, religious beliefs, traditional customs, and history and culture. He expressed his strong concerns in this regard. He stated that the Chinese authorities are strengthening some specific measures to further implement the Chineseization policy in the Uighur region.

 "China is now implementing these measures in primary and secondary schools across Baingolin Prefecture, essentially to force the Chinese language and further strengthen assimilation. China This means that Uyghur children are unlikely to learn their mother tongue from childhood. Because the purpose of such education and measures in China is to deprive them of learning their mother tongue, continuing the culture of their nation, and preserving their national identity. Through these means, China tries to replace the Uyghur culture with its own culture and achieve the goal of forced Chineseization of these areas. The promotion of the so-called ``Consciousness of the Chinese Nation'' is basically to melt all ethnic groups and integrate them into the body of the Chinese nation. So far, we have seen that the Chinese authorities are using various forced Chineseization policies and measures in the Uyghur region. Currently, China is increasing its emphasis on education, separating Uyghurs and other ethnic groups from their mother tongue or culture from primary and secondary schools; It is planning to destroy their sense of their nation and national identity. Because only by doing so, the Chinese government will achieve the actual goal of cultural genocide against the Uyghurs.

According to a news report from China, Baingolin Prefecture has urgently launched the project of "spiritual education from the roots" to young people at all levels of the education system. Teachers at the basic level have systematically taught political ideology to a total of 28,000 people in the prefecture.

 "In the Uyghur region of Baingolin Prefecture, the Chinese brainwashing campaign is the most urgent area"

Mrs. Erinur Siddique, who taught Chinese language to Uyghur students for 28 years in Uyghur land, and now lives in the Netherlands, reacted to this. He noted that the Chinese authorities' red educational campaigns in the Uyghur region are currently continuing, and in fact, such political campaigns and measures began even before the large-scale kidnappings in the Uyghur region in 2017.

According to a report from China's "Akhbarat Tori", a campaign to "write a good story of Xinjiang in the new era" has been urgently carried out for teenagers in Baingolin Prefecture. More than 1,300 campaigns of all kinds were carried out to promote the so-called "correct spirit" and "corporal spirit". During this process, he held poetry reading, writing and speech contests from classical Chinese literature. China has organized many promotional activities to introduce traditional festivals and anniversaries. More than 1,500,000 teachers and students were mobilized for this kind of political campaign activities throughout the state. In addition, more than 240,000 students from Baingolin Province held "handshake" and "friendship" activities with Chinese students from Hebei Province.

Ms. Orinur Siddique emphasized that, in combination with her many years of teaching experience in the Uyghur region, the Chineseization campaign of Chinese Uyghur youths has existed since the beginning, and the region of Baingholin Prefecture is the region where the Chinese brainwashing campaign has been carried out the most.

 "The Chinese Uyghur government is trying to create a situation where the identity of the Uyghur youth is no different from that of the Chinese."

Mr. Hu Ping, an analyst, noted that China is currently implementing comprehensive Chineseization education for youths of all ethnicities in the Uyghur region, especially Uyghur children from an early age. He said:

 "If the new generation of Uyghurs do not understand the Uyghur language or Uyghur cultural traditions, then they will lose their Uyghur identity. This is the most serious consequence for the Uyghurs. The central point of the Chinese Communist Party's so-called second-generation ethnic policy is to destroy the national culture and national identity of non-Chinese ethnic groups. That is, its basis is to make all the minorities forget their mother tongue and culture, and lose their national identity. China's goal is not to destroy all the Uyghur people physically, but to destroy them mentally; That is, to form them into a state where they do not know what nationality they belong to or think that they are no different from the Chinese. This is the true nature of China's cultural massacre! »
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