New features of “Instagram” To reveal your "fake friends" And block them without their knowledge New features of “Instagram” To reveal your "fake friends" And block them without their knowledge

New features of “Instagram” To reveal your "fake friends" And block them without their knowledge

New features of “Instagram” To reveal your "fake friends" And block them without their knowledge

Instagram, owned by Meta, offers new tools to its users to protect them from unwanted interactions on their posts through the application.
Instagram is scheduled to launch A set of new features aimed at combating spam and providing creators with enhanced control over their accounts. These new tools will be introduced gradually until the end of 2023.

In a post on the Instagram blog: On December 13, the company wrote: “We know that as a creator, interacting with your community energizes and motivates you. But having to spend time deleting spam comments from your posts or removing fake accounts from your followers can be a drag. “More time you spend moderating your account means less time interacting with your fans.”

As such, according to the blog, the new feature set aims to "clean" User home pages and protect their accounts.

Instagram added: It wants to give creators “the ability to easily and proactively keep their accounts safe from unwanted interactions.”

Furthermore, the company wants to provide transparency about the content that affects a user's account status.

Upcoming features leverage advanced detection technology to identify potential spam activity, allowing users to manage fake followers en masse.

This feature automatically categorizes spam or suspected bot requests into a separate inbox, similar to email.

Here, Instagram users can Easily accept or delete accounts with one click. They can also review and remove existing followers who have been tagged by Instagram. They are potential robots.

The company confirmed that accounts will not be alerted when they are removed from the list of followers.

There is another feature that makes it easier for users to review unwanted contact signals (spam), and delete those that are found to be unwanted in bulk without any impact on your account by clicking on “Delete all requests.” Unwanted contacts that the user has not taken action on will also be automatically deleted within 30 days.

The popular photo app is experimenting with hiding story views that may be unwanted. The company explained: “This will reduce the ability of these unwanted users to interact with you directly by sharing the story.”

These features are expected to be rolled out in the coming weeks, simplifying the process of maintaining account health and enhancing real interactions on the platform.

Google launches a new application that helps its phone users diagnose problems with their devices

Google announced the launch of a new application that helps Pixel phone users diagnose problems that may occur with their devices.
Google indicated that the “Pixel Diagnostic” application It will enable phone users to know whether their phones are working properly after repair, and it will also be possible to rely on it to scan the phone to discover any technical problems with it.

The new application can be activated by entering the code #*#7287#*# through the dial pad on the phone, and once it is launched, the user will get several options: the option to conduct a complete diagnosis of the device, and the option to conduct individual tests for defects related to specific components, such as the screen or sensors and connectivity. Or cameras or speakers.

Google noted that the application currently works on Pixel phones in English only, and is available to users in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, European countries, and many countries where its phones are sold.

Google had also launched the “Repair Mode” feature for its phones. Or Repair Mode, through which the user will be able to hide all data, including photos, videos, and files, before handing over his device for maintenance, which ensures that this data is not leaked.
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