Nutrition expert: Chicken hearts are beneficial for blood health Nutrition expert: Chicken hearts are beneficial for blood health

Nutrition expert: Chicken hearts are beneficial for blood health

Nutrition expert: Chicken hearts are beneficial for blood health

Dr. Yulia Chikhonina, a Russian nutrition expert, urged the necessity of eating chicken hearts, especially in the winter, because they are beneficial for blood health.

According to the doctor, people spend little time outdoors in the winter, which leads to a feeling of sleepiness, weakness, and lethargy. But vitamin B12, which is found in high levels in chicken hearts, can correct the situation.

She says: “Vitamin B12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. These cells carry oxygen to all organs of the body. In addition, this vitamin strengthens the bones.”
At the same time, the doctor warns those suffering from gout against eating chicken hearts because they contain a substance that raises the level of uric acid, which is considered the main cause of the disease.

She says: “Dishes made from chicken hearts are not recommended for those who suffer from kidney stones and atherosclerosis, because they contain saturated fats.”

What is " "Psychological cough" And when does it happen?

Cough usually occurs as a result of colds and respiratory diseases, but it may also occur due to psychological stress.

Dr. Marina Anikina, a neurologist, points out in an interview with Sputnik Radio: That cough often appears due to a disease infection. But it may appear for other reasons, including stress. Therefore, caution should be exercised if symptoms do not disappear over time.

She says: “It is known that after a respiratory infection, the cough subsides after two weeks. There are cases that last longer than 3-4 weeks. But the worrying problem is that it lasts longer. Because the causes of prolonged cough can be chronic pneumonia, allergies, regular reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus, and stress.

According to her, psychological cough is not rare.

She says: “Coughing is one of the protective reactions. When we have real causes for this, such as respiratory diseases, it removes phlegm, removing pathogens by forced exhalation. “In the case of chronic stress and a feeling of danger, all protective mechanisms are triggered and this reflex can also be stimulated.”

The doctor identifies the signs of a psychological cough and says: “First, the presence of severe anxiety increases the possibility that the cough has a psychological nature. Secondly, this cough has its own times, as it occurs during an emotional conversation or some kind of painful situation, but it does not happen at night. That is, it occurs only during periods of pronounced activity of the nervous system. The same thing can also happen when there are simple inflammatory diseases in the bronchopulmonary system, which give the same picture.”

The doctor indicates that if a person suffers from a cough for a long time, he must consult a number of specialist doctors and undergo a serious examination.
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