The Ukrainian army lost more than 640 soldiers within a day The Ukrainian army lost more than 640 soldiers within a day

The Ukrainian army lost more than 640 soldiers within a day

The Ukrainian army lost more than 640 soldiers within a day

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the loss of more than 640 Ukrainian soldiers on all fronts.
This was stated in the report on the progressof the Russian special military operation in Ukraine for Monday, December 18, where the report continued that The Russian Armed Forces were able to repel 10 Ukrainian attacks in the direction of Kobyansk, and the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reached more than 60 people, two “Leopard” tanks, and three armored vehicles.

$2,700 is the reason revealing details that preceded a Ukrainian MP detonating 3 bombs at a local council meeting.
In the direction of Krasnolyman, the Russian Armed Forces repelled an attack southeast of Kozmino, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost up to 220 soldiers and three armored vehicles.

In the direction ofDonetsk, the Russian armed forces repelled 9 Ukrainian attacks, and Ukrainian losses amounted to 190 soldiers and 5 armored vehicles, including an armored vehicle. "Bradley".

In the direction of southern Donetsk, the Russian Armed Forces repelled 4 attacks in the Novomikhaylovka area, and Ukrainian losses amounted to up to 90 soldiers.

In the Zaporozhye direction, the Russian Armed Forces repelled two attacks, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces lost up to 30 soldiers, and in the Kherson direction up to 50 soldiers.

Media: Protesters block the entrance to a factory in Norway for “supplying weapons to Israel”

Demonstrators in the country of Rufus in southeastern Norway closed the entrance to the “Namo” factory. Which produces ammunition and rocket engines, in protest against the use of weapons produced by the Norwegian company in Israel.
This was reported by the Norwegian TV channel NRK, where the Norwegian government's 1959 Declaration in the Basic Principles of Norway stipulates, when considering applications for the export of military technology at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that “weapons and ammunition shall not be sold in territories where there is war or where there is a threat of war.”

The head of the Pentagon arrives in Tel Aviv
The channel quoted the spokesman for the Solidarity Organization called the “Palestinian Committee”, Kjell Stefansen, as saying: “We are here to close the entrance to the factory, because the weapons produced by the Namo company are used to kill Palestinians in Gaza".

The channel publishes a message from the “Palestinian Committee” “Missiles for the M141 grenade launcher are being exported to Israel from the Namu factory in Arizonain the United States”. The TV channel reported, according to the committee, that "Nammu" The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying to evade by saying that these are American weapons because they are made in the United States of America, but “Nammo” It denies that the weapons it produces are at the disposal of the Israeli army.

The channel quoted the Director of Communications at “Nammu” as saying: Thorsten Korsold said: “These weapons were soldto the US Armyabout 10 years ago, and this is where our relationship ends.” We do not sell weapons or ammunition to Israel from Norway.”

Last November, the Norwegian newspaper VG, citing the management of a company that produces chemicals including rocket fuel, reported that fuel components produced in Norway may be used by Israel in Hellfire missiles to bomb Gaza, despite Norway’s ban on arms exports to Israel.
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