Beijing: US violates "One China" when selling weapons to Taiwan Beijing: US violates "One China" when selling weapons to Taiwan

Beijing: US violates "One China" when selling weapons to Taiwan

Beijing: US violates "One China" when selling weapons to Taiwan

Beijing - Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said his party condemned the United States' stance in selling weapons to Taiwan and said the US was violating the "One China" principle.

"By announcing arms sales to China's Taiwan region, the US has blatantly violated the 'One China' and three joint China-US communiqués, especially the August 17 Communiqué," said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin when addressing the media in Beijing, China on Monday.

The US government through the Defense Security Cooperation Agency on Friday (15/12) announced that it had notified Congress of its decision to sell Taiwan additional communications equipment and other equipment to help handle tactical information worth 300 million US dollars. The US will also provide technical assistance to Taiwan.

"This action seriously undermines China's sovereignty and security interests, undermines peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, and sends the wrong message to those who want 'Taiwan independence'. China regrets and strongly opposes this and has made an official protest to the US," added Wang Wenbin.

Wang Wenbin emphasized that the Taiwan issue is entirely China's internal affairs and China does not allow foreign interference.

"No matter how many weapons the US provides to the Taiwan region, it will not change the course of China's reunification, or weaken the Chinese people's strong determination to maintain national sovereignty and territorial unity," added Wang Wenbin.

The Chinese government, according to Wang Wenbin, urges the US to seriously honor its commitment to the "one China" and does not support "Taiwan independence".

"Stop arming Taiwan and causing dangerous trends, stop creating factors that could increase tensions in the Taiwan Strait, and stop plotting and supporting separatist groups seeking to achieve 'Taiwan independence' by force," said Wang Wenbin.

He emphasized that China will take firm and decisive action to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity and take countermeasures against related companies involved in arms sales to Taiwan.

The US government said implementation of the arms sale would require approximately 26 US government personnel to provide engineering and technical support.

These weapons can improve the command and control capabilities of Taiwanese forces and their capabilities to face current and future threats.

More than 250 organizations have asked China to pay attention to the wishes of the Burmese people

255 community-based groups not to encourage and support actions that would prolong the life of the military council, Chinese People's President Xi Jinping, Yesterday, December 17th, I requested to send an open letter to Foreign Minister Mr. Wan Yi via email.

In that open letter, to stand with the Burmese people in the revolution in which the entire population is participating. This revolution will not affect the interests of neighboring countries, including China, nor will the military council's political, These include not encouraging and supporting the military and not coercing ethnic revolutionary organizations to discuss and negotiate with the military council.

"We would like to see China as a good neighbor as Myanmar cares"

Among the 255 groups that sent an open letter were the General Strike Coordinating Force, GSCB, and the Coordinating Committee of Anti-Military People's Forces (Mandalay). General Strike Coordination Committee (GSC); Burma Labor Union In addition to the Mandalay Strike Force, groups such as Takatha Former Students Force are included.

General Strike Coordinating Force (GSCB) official Dr. Tae Za San told RFA that China wanted to pay attention to the people's voices and opinions regarding the revolution.

"I would like to pay close attention to the voices and opinions of the people of Myanmar in the people's revolution that the entire people of Myanmar are carrying out. We send an open letter to inform you again that this is the attitude of the Burmese people towards the responsible persons from India and China. These too will not end with just giving an open letter. Depending on China's continued actions, we as the people of Burma should also take our own actions. It has already been mentioned in the opening letter that we will clearly select the cases that deserve action."

Friendship between the two countries along the Myanmar-China border. Scattered online financial fraud that harms national security and border stability. He also said that human trafficking and cross-border crimes are in the hands of the military council's puppet militias, so the military group is not only a common enemy of the Burmese people, but also of China.

If China ignores the demands and continues to support the military council, the public will continue to respond and do what is right, said Ko Nanglin, a group of former Takatha students who participated in the open letter.

"We would like to see China as a good neighbor as Myanmar cares about. So these requests. China and the Chinese Communist Party will ignore the demands and positions of the people and support the military council. If the military council intervenes to prolong its suffering, it must continue to face the anger and dissatisfaction of the public. If this is the case, I see that the common interests of the two countries may be unstable. I don't want to come to such a situation. Now, the public needs nothing but the total destruction of the military council in force.

RFA reached out to the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar via email today to get a response regarding this open letter, but as of this evening, there has been no response. Similarly, RFA tried to contact General Zaw Min Tun, the spokesman for the Military Council, by phone today, but he did not pick up the phone.

On December 4th, General Zaw Min Tun said through state-owned media controlled by the Military Council that the two countries, China and Myanmar, have maintained the five principles of peaceful coexistence.

"The stability and peace of the border region between China and Myanmar. Security We work closely with law enforcement. Our two countries are neighboring countries. These are countries that have consistently observed the five principles of peaceful coexistence for many years. The public Govt. These are countries that have close military relations.

China has recently brokered a meeting between the armed forces of the Northern Alliance and the military council regarding the ongoing fighting in Myanmar. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mao Ning told the news media on December 11 that the meeting had good results.

U Than Soe Naing, a political analyst, is of the view that since China tends to only support the ruling force when it comes to Myanmar, China cannot get an effective response from this open letter.

"These presentations did not lead to a change in the Chinese government's policy on Burma. This means that requests for non-intervention in the peace process will never materialize. Because China is a ruling force and a force that only looks out for its own country's interests, such actions are necessary. good Although we have to continue working, let us consider that we don't think there will be any effective consequences."

China-Myanmar affairs analyst Dr. Hla Kyaw Zao also told RFA that China will now only listen to the open letter.

“I don't think so. One day when China receives such letters, Not one day less. Because there are people who don't like dealing with countries based on their military strategy. There are people who like it. So those who don't like it are giving the same open letter. In addition, it is not directly sent, An open letter is an open letter, so I want to know their state of mind and attitude, so I think I'll just listen. I don't think I will answer this separately. I think they will continue to do what they have to do with their policy."

Throughout the period of China-Myanmar relations, the Myitsone Project, He also pointed out that although there were open letters from the people who suffered due to the Kyauk Phyu deep sea port projects, the Chinese side did not give up on the projects.

In the open letter of the community-based groups, it is stated that the 2008 constitution, which was drawn up by the military rulers, cannot be the solution to Myanmar's political problems, and as long as the constitution is not accepted by the people, it will not be possible to solve Myanmar's political problems and develop development activities, including the stability of the border region.
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