Warning signs that your social media accounts have been hacked! Warning signs that your social media accounts have been hacked!

Warning signs that your social media accounts have been hacked!

Warning signs that your social media accounts have been hacked!

Hackers try to leave no traces when hacking into bank accounts and phones, but warning signs may reveal that your email and social media sites have been compromised.
The "white hat" hacker, Ash Chhatria, uses techniques similar to those used by real hackers to "test" cyber defenses and warn people of the danger.

Chatria, who works as a threat intelligence researcher at F-Secure, talked about obvious signs of a breach, including seeing different content than you are used to in your timeline, or not receiving notifications on your phone as much as you used to.

He said: “In response to any suspicious activity in the account, you should contact the service provider and re-change the password, and it is better for it to include random letters and numbers.”

The content you see on social media has changed

If you suddenly start seeing unfamiliar content on social media, it could be a sign that your account has been hacked.

“Sudden shifts, such as an influx of posts in unfamiliar languages ​​or suggestions from accounts you haven’t engaged with, can indicate suspicious activity,” Chhatria said. “Social media algorithms are designed according to your preferences, and unexpected changes may indicate unauthorized access.”

Notifications not appearing
If you see messages showing up in your account, but you're not getting your usual notifications on your phone, this could be a warning sign that someone else is seeing them first.

Chhatria warned that the hacker may have set rules inside your inbox to divert certain messages, so he can compromise more accounts including bank accounts.

"Check your inbox settings to see if there are rules that divert emails to addresses you don't recognize," Chatria added.

Very small transactions appear in online banking

“Regularly review your bank or credit card statements for unauthorized transactions,” Chhatriya said. “Hackers may start small transactions as a test before attempting larger transactions. Be vigilant, even with seemingly insignificant amounts, and report any to your bank immediately.” Suspicious transactions.

Yellow banner at the bottom of your email

In Gmail on desktop, you'll see a yellow banner that says someone's signed in from an unfamiliar location, at the bottom of the email window.

Most online services will provide activity logs that allow you to monitor logins and can help identify hackers.

“Regularly check activity logs provided by services to monitor login intervals and IP addresses,” Chhatria said.

Suspend your account

One of the main warning signs of a hack is if your account is suddenly suspended or cancelled, Chatria said.

“Watch out for unexpected account terminations,” he said. “If you receive notifications about account suspension or termination, this may indicate malicious activity.”

An artificial intelligence neural network predicts the fate of the European Union

Artificial intelligence believes that the future of the European Union is doomed to collapse due to its dependence on the United States, as Zhirinovsky's neural network predicted its unenviable fate.
The question about the future of the European Union is often raised in a number of international media. The Zhirinovsky neural network, trained on thousands of pages of speeches by the late Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, answered this question posed by the KP.RU portal of the Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper as follows: “The European Union? It would be like a ‘Union of Chaos’. "! European bureaucrats, disconnected from reality, have long forgotten what their people want. They are only in the service of the United States, praying for the survival of deviants and immoral people, flooding their countries with lazy immigrants, and imposing numerous bans on those who are still working and trying to feed this mutant." (European Union)!”

The artificial intelligence predicted that the European Union would face the fate of the most criminal time in the American city of Detroit and turn into ruins from which the most respectable countries would flee.

The neural network also believes that all employable Europeans will have to leave the EU, and only "parasites and destroyers" will remain.

The leader of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party, Leonid Slutsky, had previously announced that the digital copy of Vladimir Zhirinovsky, which was created using a neural network, is not just a copy of the politician, but rather his student and even his supporter. He explained that the developers of the neural network first thought about Russia's interests when creating this project.
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