African leaders criticize the Israeli war on Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire African leaders criticize the Israeli war on Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire

African leaders criticize the Israeli war on Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire

African leaders criticize the Israeli war on Gaza and call for an immediate ceasefire

African leaders on Friday criticized Israel for its war on the Gaza Strip and called for an end to the fighting that continues to claim civilian lives.
For his part, Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairman of the African Union Commission, described the war in Gaza as immoral and unacceptable, adding: “We demand an immediate end to this unjust war against the Palestinians, and the implementation of the two-state solution.”

Mohammed spoke at a conference in Kampala of the Non-Aligned Movement, which includes 120 countries that officially follow the policy of non-alignment or oppose rotation in the orbit of any major power.

Speaking during a meeting that brought together heads of state and leaders at this week's summit, Mohammed asked 120 member states to demand international justice for the Palestinians.

For his part, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa reiterated the demand, calling for the release of all prisoners "and the resumption of talks to reach a just solution that ends the suffering of the Palestinian people."

Ramaphosa also urged for expanded and unhindered humanitarian access that would allow the entry of critical aid and basic services to meet the needs of everyone living in Gaza.

“This is necessary to protect against further severe and irreparable harm to the rights of the Palestinian people,” Ramaphosa said.

South Africa accuses Israel of committing genocide through indiscriminate attacks that make life in  Gaza  impossible, and demands the issuance of an emergency order requiring Israel to cease fire.

On Thursday last week, the hearings of  the International Court of Justice , based in The Hague, began in the case brought by South Africa against Israel for committing the crime of “genocide” in the Gaza Strip, where the South African legal team pointed out that Israel had violated the 1948 Genocide Convention, saying that “The Palestinians are subjected to non-stop bombardment wherever they go and are killed everywhere they turn,” and “Israel’s actions indicate an intention to commit genocide, and this intention is rooted in its conviction that the enemy is not Hamas, but rather the fabric of Palestinian life in Gaza.”

At the beginning of the conference on Monday, Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour called on non-aligned countries to pressure Israel to implement a ceasefire in Gaza after 100 days of war.

In his opening speech, Riyad Mansour noted that despite the decisions of the General Assembly and the UN Security Council, a ceasefire was not imposed.

It is worth noting that the Non-Aligned Movement, which was founded during the collapse of colonial regimes and at the height of the Cold War, played an important role in stopping colonialism, according to its website.

Mansour likened the military attack launched by Israel on Gaza to the policy of apartheid, but Israel rejects these accusations.

The Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip and clashes between the Israeli army and Hamas continue for the 105th day, in light of a humanitarian and health catastrophe in the Strip.

Hate crime charges dropped against Obama advisor who racially attacked an Egyptian falafel seller in New York

Stuart Seldowitz , the former White House official and advisor to former US President Obama, who was filmed making a racist and Islamophobic attack on an Egyptian falafel seller in New York, reached an agreement with the court to undergo 26 weeks of anti-bias training, in exchange for dropping the charges. addressed to him.

The New York Police Department arrested an official in the administration of former President Barack Obama after he appeared in video clips uttering racist and hostile statements against the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims, and the children of Gaza, in front of an Egyptian food truck owner on a street in the city.

The New York branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) condemned what it called the “Sweetheart Deal” that Seldowitz concluded with the court.

The board said the sweetheart deal Seldowitz received from the Manhattan District Attorney's Office is "a shameful affront to our justice system and wholly inappropriate for his actions."


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