Experts warn of new methods of fraud Experts warn of new methods of fraud

Experts warn of new methods of fraud

Experts warn of new methods of fraud

Experts at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation warned of new methods used by fraudsters to steal people's money using modern technologies.
Experts at the bank pointed out that fraudsters are now using several innovative methods to ensnare their victims. For example, a mother may receive a voice message from her daughter claiming to have been in an accident, or a sister may receive a message from her brother informing her that he has been in an accident and needs to send money to a specific bank account. This account belongs to the fraudulent person.

To make the message appear more realistic, the scammers use numbers or electronic accounts bearing a digital image of the person they claim is sending it (i.e. a relative of the victim), and the scammers obtain the person’s photo and information about people close to him from social media pages.

Regarding the topic, Eldar Murtazin, an analyst specializing in the fields of artificial intelligence, said: “I have personally been exposed to this type of fraud, as the fraudsters sent me voice messages with a voice that resembled my son’s voice, and although I discovered the matter, many people may be exposed to things.” “Similarly, it is sometimes very easy to confuse someone and defraud them, so you must be careful.”

To protect electronic accounts and social media pages from hackers and not fall into the trap of fraudsters, the expert recommends taking several measures, including:

- Protect electronic accounts with complex passwords that contain at least 8 characters, and use upper and lower case letters and punctuation marks in these words.

- Using two-factor authentication techniques in messaging programs and applications.

- Refuse to communicate with unknown callers and end the call immediately.

- Agreeing on specific symbolic words with friends and relatives to use in emergency situations.

India plans to establish a manned orbital space station by 2035

The Indian Space Agency (ISRO) will conduct the first experiments under a specialized program to create its own orbital space station.
The head of the Indian Space Agency, Shridhara Banker Somnakh, said, “The first experiments will take place this year. On Tuesday, January 16, we held a meeting on the design of the space station, which was called “Brachart,” where our engineers presented many possibilities, and none of them have yet been chosen.”

Somnach recalled that last November, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had held a meeting on the development of the Indian space program, where the country's intention to establish its own manned orbital space station by 2035 was approved.

According to the head of the Indian Space Agency, this meeting "caused enthusiasm" among ISRO employees, as the agency is already negotiating with representatives of the space industry to launch the first space module into orbit by 2028. It is expected that an automatic unmanned station will be created first, and by 2035 it will be converted To a manned station.

Plans to establish an orbital space station, in addition to sending a manned mission to the moon by 2040, were approved on the back of the two successful missions achieved by the Indian Space Agency. Last August, Indian specialists succeeded in landing the probe on the surface of the moon, and last September, the Aditya probe was launched. L1 to study the sun.

What did the first Turk in space say?

Turkish astronaut Albert Gezer Oci said in his first message from the "Dragon" capsule carrying him and the "Axiom Mission 3" mission team to the International Space Station, that "the future is in the sky."

SpaceX, through its account on the “X” platform, broadcast live the feelings and first words of the team.

Gezer Oji explained that he would like to begin this moment in which the first Turk ascended into space, as part of Turkey's first manned space mission, with the words of the founder of the republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

He said: “The genius words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of our republic: The future is in the sky,” noting that what he experienced since the countdown moments were extremely wonderful.

He added, "I've been dreaming of this for a long time. It's a great feeling. Everything was great from the beginning until this moment."

He recalled "all those who made great contributions to Turkey and sacrificed their lives for that," and thanked everyone who contributed to achieving this mission.

The Axiom Mission 3 mission, affiliated with SpaceX, was launched to the International Space Station, and includes 4 Turkish, Swedish, Italian and Spanish astronauts.

The launch took place at 16:49 USA time from launch pad No. 39A from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, via a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

The mission crew consists of four members: Turkish Albert Gezer Oji, former NASA astronaut Lopez Alegria, Italian Walter Velade, and Swedish European Space Agency project astronaut Markus Wandt.
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