An innovative device that charges your phone in just 7 seconds! An innovative device that charges your phone in just 7 seconds!

An innovative device that charges your phone in just 7 seconds!

An innovative device that charges your phone in just 7 seconds!

A Qatari technology company has developed a device that fully recharges a mobile phone in seven seconds.

The home device is called Swapery, and it dispenses lightweight battery packs that magnetically stick to the back of the phone and connect to the charging port on the underside of the phone.

Each battery pack weighs approximately the same as two AA batteries, and is compatible with all smartphones.

Users enter their phone into Swapery, which automatically removes the used battery and replaces it with a fully charged one.

The device, which is expected to cost around £180, can hold five charged battery packs at once, which its makers say is ideal for a family.

“Modern smartphones drain very quickly and it's easy to forget to charge them,” says Ali Salah, creator of Swapery. “With our devices, you won't need to worry about remembering to charge your phone before bed or dealing with charging cables again.”

China is developing a nuclear battery for a smartphone

China is developing a nuclear battery for a smartphone

The Chinese startup Betavolt has unveiled a new electric battery powered by radioactive isotopes that can generate electrical energy within 50 years without additional charging.

This was reported by the Independent newspaper.

The Beijing-based Betavolt company said that its nuclear battery is the first in the world to apply the principle of miniaturizing nuclear energy. It is a unit smaller than a coin, containing 63 radioactive isotopes. The battery works by converting the energy released by the decomposition of isotopes into electricity. This method differs from that used in nuclear reactors.

The company says the next generation of “eternal” batteries is now undergoing beta testing, and its serial industrial production will then begin in large quantities for commercial applications such as smartphones and drones.

Betavolt nuclear batteries can meet long-term power supply needs in various scenarios, such as the space sector, artificial intelligence devices, medical equipment, microprocessors, advanced sensors, small drones, and small Betavolt robots.

Petavolt added that new energy innovation will help China gain an advantage in the next round of the artificial intelligence technological revolution.

Betavolt said its first nuclear battery can provide 100 microwatts of power at 3 volts with a volume of 15 x 15 x 5 cubic millimeters, but it plans to produce a one-watt battery by 2025.

The small size allows several nuclear batteries to be used simultaneously to produce more energy.

However, smartphones that use even a single miniature radioisotope generator never need to be charged, and drones will be able to fly without recharging for their entire service life. According to the startup, the multi-layer design of the battery allows to avoid fire or explosion due to external influences. It is also able to operate at temperatures ranging from 60 degrees Celsius below zero to 120 degrees Celsius above zero.

The company also announced that the nuclear battery is completely safe for human health and the environment, does not generate ionizing radiation, and is suitable for use in medical devices, such as pacemakers and artificial hearts. After decay, the 63 isotopes turn into a stable isotope of copper, which is not radioactive and does not pose any threat.

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