Diseases that prevent men from visiting the steam bath Diseases that prevent men from visiting the steam bath

Diseases that prevent men from visiting the steam bath

Diseases that prevent men from visiting the steam bath

Men suffering from certain diseases, such as prostatitis, epididymitis and others, are prohibited from visiting steam baths (saunas).

In an interview with Gazeta news, Dr. Bator Gonchikov, a specialist in urology and andrology, points out that prostatitis is a disease that causes pain and discomfort, and against the background of high temperature, the symptoms of the disease intensify and cause the inflammation to worsen.

According to him, the other disease is inflammation of the epididymis (the tube that connects the testicle to the sperm ducts). The high temperature in a sauna can worsen inflammation and discomfort, as the scrotum may swell and the man feels sharp pain.

He says: "Orchitis is an inflammation that can occur due to infection. Against the background of a high temperature, edema, pain, redness of the scrotum, and an increase in body temperature can appear."

The doctor indicates that it is not recommended to bathe in a sauna if a man suffers from a disease such as varicocele (enlarged veins in the testicle, which may cause pain and discomfort). Because due to high temperature, blood flow in the scrotum may increase, and in the case of varicose veins, on the contrary, it worsens and leads to an intensification of symptoms - increased pain in the scrotum and/or deterioration of sperm quality.

He says: “The other disease that also limits bathing in a sauna is hydrocele (accumulation of fluid in the lining of the testicle), which causes discomfort and an increase in its size. Because increasing the temperature in the sauna can increase the accumulation of fluid, if the cause is an inflammatory process, it will lead to to worsen the situation.”

The specialist points out that it is not recommended to bathe in a sauna if the man suffers from an infectious disease of the genitourinary system. Because it leads to the spread of infection and exacerbation of the disease.

A doctor warns of the dangers of bottled juices

Fruit juices are good for health. But this applies to fresh juices only. Therefore, packaged juices can be attributed to harmful products.

Dr. Angela Tolmasova, an endocrinologist, told Gazeta news: “Packaged juices lack vitamins. They can be stored for several months. This is a big advantage for the manufacturer, but not for the consumer. Because the high temperature used in preparing juices for long-term storage destroys all vitamins.” contained therein.

She adds: “Bottled juices contain chemicals (such as patulin) used to preserve taste and remove potential unpleasant odors, which indicates the use of low-quality products. Chemicals can also be genotoxic.”

According to the doctor, juices that say “does not contain preservatives” on their packaging are safe and healthy, but their preparation includes the removal of oxygen, which leads to a deterioration in the quality of the fruits and vegetables used, and can pose a health risk. 

She says: “Fresh juices have a wonderful taste and natural sweetness. These qualities are preserved in bottled juices by adding sugar and artificial flavours. These ingredients are harmful to the body, especially to the kidneys, which increases the burden on their ability to filter.”

The doctor points out that many of the added ingredients, such as preservatives, artificial flavors, etc., used in the production of bottled juices, can affect the functioning of many body systems, including the reproductive systems of men and women, causing decreased fertility and sexual desire. The sugar added to packaged juices makes them high in calories, which causes weight gain and obesity, leading to cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In addition, sugar is considered an excellent food for microorganisms, which may lead to problems in the digestive system.

Moreover, bottled juices contain simple carbohydrates, which leads to a rapid rise in blood glucose levels. But it does not contain dietary fiber at all.

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