Migrants from Mexico overcome the "tightenings" of Texas and cross into American territory Migrants from Mexico overcome the "tightenings" of Texas and cross into American territory

Migrants from Mexico overcome the "tightenings" of Texas and cross into American territory

Migrants from Mexico overcome the "tightenings" of Texas and cross into American territory

Despite the strict measures taken by the state of Texas to stop the flow of irregular migrants from Mexico to the United States, the Anadolu Agency's "Drone" lenses monitored the success of a group of them crossing after crossing the barbed wire, amid the worsening dispute between the state's governor and President Joe Biden.

Tight security measures in the US state of Texas did not succeed in reducing the flow of irregular migrants coming from Mexico across the border with the United States.

Media reports monitored five migrants, including a child, crossing into US territory by crossing the shallow areas of the Rio Grande River, which forms the border between Mexico and Texas, despite barbed wire and border patrols.

The migrants, who were monitored by the Anadolu Agency's "Drone" lenses, overcame the barbed wire reinforced by the Texas National Guard, crossed the last obstacle before them and requested asylum.

The group had difficulty crossing the barbed wire fences consisting of 7 rows on top of each other, and they became extremely exhausted.

Some of the migrants, brought by cars, were spotted on the banks of the river on the Mexican side of the Eagle Pass border gate, which is the preferred place for irregular migrants to cross into the United States.

On the outskirts of Texas, in addition to the barbed wire reinforced by the National Guard, Border Police checkpoints are spread out on a line extending many kilometers from Eagle Pass to neighboring cities, and helicopter patrols cover the area throughout the day.

Accusations against Biden

Texas Governor Greg Abbott accused President Joe Biden's administration of not taking adequate measures regarding border security, and ordered the construction of about 4 kilometers of barbed wire in the border area in Eagle Pass, the city preferred by migrants to cross into the United States.

But the US President's administration considered that border security fell within the authority of the federal government, and submitted a request to the US Supreme Court to remove the barbed wire

The Supreme Court ruled to remove the barbed wire on the Rio Grande River separating the United States from Mexico, and the dispute with the Biden government worsened after Texas Governor Abbott announced that he would not abide by the decision.

Despite the court order, the Texas National Guard did not allow the US Border Patrol to perform its work on January 23, and continued to place barbed wire, and the governors of 25 Republican states announced their support for Texas in a joint statement.

A man is accused of threatening to kill Biden and Harris

A Michigan man has been accused of making a death threat to US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.
Russell Douglas Warren, 48, appeared in federal court in Bay City, Michigan, and was ordered temporarily detained, a spokesman for the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Michigan told Axios.

Authorities became aware of several threatening statements on Sunday posted on the x platform, including “related to the murder of the President of the United States, law enforcement agents, and the bombing of U.S. government buildings,” according to the criminal complaint. They concluded that Warren was the person who made the posts.

Warren allegedly said in his posts that Biden and Harris were “convicted” and should be taken to prison to be executed by hanging.

He is also accused of writing that FBI headquarters would be bombed and all employees killed, along with all US Secret Service agents.

In addition, he allegedly wrote that Washington, D.C., should be evacuated because "we're going to drop a bomb on it."

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