Venezuela: We reject blackmail and interference in our internal affairs by Washington Venezuela: We reject blackmail and interference in our internal affairs by Washington

Venezuela: We reject blackmail and interference in our internal affairs by Washington

Venezuela: We reject blackmail and interference in our internal affairs by Washington

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry announced that Caracas rejects "blackmail and interference in internal affairs" by the United States, which has threatened to reimpose sanctions on Venezuela.
The Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that Venezuela “rejects the recent attempts at blackmail and interference in internal affairs by the American government, which is sending an ultimatum to the entire Venezuelan society and seeking to achieve a coup through coercion and threats.”

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry also accused Washington of seeking to "ignore the institutions of the republic and destabilize Venezuela's economy and the prosperity of the people."

“Bloomberg”: The United States intends to reimpose sanctions against Venezuela
She stressed that "Venezuela will not yield to blackmail, and its institutions will continue to abide by the laws and the constitution," and that it "will take all necessary measures to continue the approach aimed at economic growth and social development."

The US administration had threatened to re-impose sanctions on Venezuela, which were lifted after the agreement between the Venezuelan government and the opposition in Barbados regarding holding "free and transparent elections."

Washington accused the Venezuelan government of violating the aforementioned agreement following the Venezuelan Supreme Court's decision preventing opposition candidate Maria Corina Machado from participating in this year's presidential elections.

Musk: The number of immigrants arriving last month exceeds the number of people born in the same period in the United States

American businessman Elon Musk announced that the number of illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States last month exceeded the number of children born in the country in the same period.
Musk wrote on the “X” website (formerly Twitter) yesterday, Tuesday: “The flow of illegal immigrants is increasing significantly, and during the past month the number of arriving illegal immigrants exceeded the number of children born in America.”

The American businessman previously accused President Joe Biden's administration of encouraging illegal immigration , noting that "the numbers speak for themselves."

US President Joe Biden stated that he had done everything he could to resolve the issue of illegal immigration , and called for granting him additional powers to deal with the crisis at the border.

This comes against the backdrop of the worsening migrant crisis on the border between the United States and Mexico, and the intensification of controversy between the Texas state authorities and the federal authorities in this regard.

It is worth noting that border security and measures against illegal immigration were among the topics over which disagreements arose between Republicans and Democrats, which led to the disruption of legislation that required the allocation of $106 billion to finance various projects and programs, including funding aid to Ukraine and Israel.

A tragic accident 41 people were killed and injured when a passenger bus collided with a truck in Mexico

19 people were killed and 22 others were injured on Tuesday when a passenger bus collided with a cargo truck in the state of Sinaloa, northwestern Mexico.
The collision, which led to the bus and truck being completely burned, occurred in the Ilota area, which is a tourist destination for Canadians and Americans.

“We counted 19 bodies,” Sinaloa State Prosecutor Sarah Quiñonez said. “It will take some time to identify them because they are charred.”

She added, "Whenever we have data for deceased people, we will share it, as will data for people who died in hospitals."

The bus had departed from the city of Guadalajara and was heading to Los Mochis in the state of Sinaloa, which is also known as one of the strongholds of drug trafficking gangs in Mexico.

Traffic accidents in Mexico

- November 2023: At least 12 people were killed and 58 others were injured when a passenger bus overturned on a road in the state of Veracruz (east), in the Gulf of Mexico.

- August 2023: An accident on a road linking Oaxaca (south) and Puebla (central), involving a bus in which the majority of passengers were Venezuelan immigrants, led to the death of 16 people.

- July 2023: A bus veered off the road in a mountainous area in Oaxaca state, killing 27 people.
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