AA captures Myap city; There are seven cities under AA control AA captures Myap city; There are seven cities under AA control

AA captures Myap city; There are seven cities under AA control

AA captures Myap city; There are seven cities under AA control

Rakhine state Minpa Township, In 2024, some of the Rakhine Army (AA) troops along with the warship captured from the Military Council during the sea battle near Thathep Village. When we met on February 13th.

On February 15, the Rakhine Army (AA) announced that the Rakhine Army (AA) has captured all military council units and police stations in Myap City, Rakhine State, and has increased its control to seven cities.

During the three months of fighting from November 13th to February 16th of last year, the forest in Rakhine State, you plate North, Stone AA has captured seven cities, including the towns of Taung Pryung and Palatwa in Chin State.

At present, too, hermit mountain The Rakhine Army (AA) continues to attack towns such as Maungdaw and Buthidaung. water, It is said in the statement that they are defending together.

In this resistance, the army of the military council suffered war losses, He also said that because of ethnic hatred and fear of bloodshed, towns and villages where civilians are being targeted are being attacked with heavy weapons.

The military council side has not released anything about the situation of the Rakhine war, and RFA has contacted U Hla Thein, the state attorney general who is the spokesperson for the Rakhine military council, by telephone, but he has not been able to contact him because his phone has been turned off.

There are reports that the AA has warned the entire Regional Command Headquarters (DAC) in Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, where the Military Council is headquartered, to surrender. 

Maungdaw captured two military council border guard stations

Locals told RFA that on February 16, the Rakhine Army (AA) attacked and captured two military council border posts near Maungdaw town in Rakhine state, Bodhigone and Narula.

Bodhigone border guard station is only three miles away from Maungdaw city and has more than 100 military council soldiers, while Narula station may have more than 30 soldiers.

In addition to those two camps, four miles A resident, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said that the Rakhine Army (AA) has been attacking the Kaingyi and Morawati border posts since the morning of February 15.

"Today, the Narula camp and the Bodhigan camp were captured by the AA. More camps are also in progress. We saw the military council troops firing both from the air and with heavy weapons. There is a situation that soon the other camps will fall into the hands of the AA."

Similarly, Khmer (536) based in Rathetaung Township under Buthidaung Township (15) Operations Command Headquarters (SKA 15). He also said that the (537) and (538) battalions have been attacked by the Rakhine Army (AA) since February 14.

On the side of the military council, the army, to ensure that the camps do not fall water, Residents told RFA that the air defense is cooperating and the fighting is quite fierce.

The Rakhine Army (AA) announced in the evening that the Bodhigone camp was captured on February 16.

The Bodhigone camp was attacked on February 15th, and it was captured after more than twenty-four hours, amid heavy air and heavy artillery fire from the military council.

In this battle to capture the camp, the military council was able to save 14 bodies, including weapons and ammunition, and the camp was captured with minimal damage in a short period of time. There is no announcement about the Narula camp.

RFA contacted Rakhine State Attorney General U Hla Thein by phone regarding this matter, but his phone was switched off so he could not be contacted.

The Rakhine Army (AA) is offensively attacking the army camps in Maungdaw Township in addition to the Bodhigone camp. water, It was announced on the night of February 15 that the villages were being attacked with heavy weapons as well as the air defense.

Within three months of the battle between the Military Council Army and the Rakhine Army (AA), the forest in Rakhine State, you plate North, Stone map AA has announced that they have captured seven cities, including Taungryu City and Palatwa in Chin State.

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