After a major data breach an urgent warning to Facebook users! After a major data breach an urgent warning to Facebook users!

After a major data breach an urgent warning to Facebook users!

After a major data breach an urgent warning to Facebook users!

Reports revealed that hundreds of thousands of Facebook Marketplace user accounts (buying and selling new and used items) were leaked, exposing them to the risk of fraud, identity theft, and electronic attacks.

The "massive data breach" revealed the phone numbers, email addresses and personal information of 200,000 users.

The data set, which Mail Online has confirmed is still available, is now for sale to launch targeted scams.

“If you feel you are being targeted, consider changing your password,” said Jake Moore, global cybersecurity advisor for ESET.

Reports claimed that a known cybercriminal operating under the alias IntelBroker posted the data on a hacking forum.

"In October 2023, a cybercriminal called 'algoatson' on Discord hacked a contractor managing Facebook's cloud services and stole a partial user database of 200,000 accounts," IntelBroker claimed in its post.

The leaked data contains a wide variety of personal information, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook IDs, and Facebook profile information.

"The notorious InfoBroker has a history of successfully hacking networks. This is a stark reminder that our data is a valuable currency, and the most recent data is the most valuable to criminals," Moore said.

He explained that the biggest concern is that hackers will use this data to facilitate targeted attacks. They may take over a Facebook account to post ads, but sometimes they may become more sinister and start messaging people from those accounts.

In a worst-case scenario, criminals can use your account to impersonate you and trick your friends and family into sending money.

WhatsApp is preparing for major changes to its terms and conditions

WhatsApp is planning changes to its terms and conditions in response to new European regulations, which require companies to be clearer about how they manage and deliver content.

The new changes include additional information about what is and is not allowed on WhatsApp, while providing information about European Union requirements that will force companies like WhatsApp to allow users to send messages to people using other third-party applications, in addition to... Provide information about how to moderate content in the Channels feature.

The most important change in the new rules is that some data will be sent to third-party messaging services, and therefore may not be subject to WhatsApp's privacy obligations.

The minimum age for using WhatsApp in Europe and the United Kingdom is scheduled to be reduced from 16 to 13 years.

In late 2020 and early 2021, WhatsApp introduced new rules on data sharing, sparking such anger that many suggested they would abandon the app. But WhatsApp confirmed this time that it is still committed to user privacy.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said in a statement: “These updates for users in the European region do not change our commitment to user privacy and do not expand any sharing of data when messaging other WhatsApp users. Wherever you are in the world, we protect all personal messages with end-to-end encryption.” Which means that no one, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to it.

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