Amnesty International: The international community is obligated to prevent genocide in Gaza Amnesty International: The international community is obligated to prevent genocide in Gaza

Amnesty International: The international community is obligated to prevent genocide in Gaza

Amnesty International: The international community is obligated to prevent genocide in Gaza

According to Amnesty International Secretary General Agnès Callamard, referring to the possibility of Israeli forces launching a ground operation on Rafah.

Amnesty International Secretary-General Agnès Callamard said on Friday that the international community has a duty to act to prevent genocide in Gaza.

Through a post on the X platform, Callamard indicated the possibility of Israeli forces launching a ground operation on the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

She added, wondering: “Evacuation? But where? There is no place for the Palestinians to go.”

Callamard stressed that "the Palestinians in Gaza are at great risk of genocide."

“The international community has an obligation to take action to prevent genocide,” she said.

In a statement published by Amnesty International, via “X”, it warned that the potential Israeli military operation on Rafah would have dire consequences for more than a million people, the majority of whom are displaced.

She pointed out that satellite images of rural areas in Rafah show piles of tents and other temporary buildings built since mid-October.

Amnesty International stressed that in urban areas of Rafah, crowds of people and new temporary buildings can be seen in the streets.

She explained that many residents have already faced successive waves of displacement, and if these mass “evacuation orders” were indeed issued, they could amount to the “crime of forced removal.”

The non-governmental organization concluded by saying: “The ground operation against Rafah, which is subject to intense bombardment, will also have a disastrous impact on the entire humanitarian aid system in Gaza.”

On Friday, the Hebrew Channel 12 reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken that the ground operation in Rafah could begin “within two weeks.”

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that the army intends to return thousands of Palestinians to northern Gaza as part of a plan to begin the ground operation in Rafah, south of the Strip.

International estimates indicate that there are between 1.2 and 1.4 million Palestinians in Rafah after the Israeli army forced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip to flee to the south.

Since the beginning of the ground operation launched by Israel in the Gaza Strip on October 27, it has been asking residents to go from the north and center of the Strip to the south, claiming that they are safe areas, but it has not been spared from bombing homes and cars.

As of Friday, the ground operation had reached Khan Yunis and had not extended to Rafah, even though the Israeli army had carried out air strikes and extensive artillery shelling on sites in Rafah since the beginning of the war on October 7.

As a result of the atrocities committed in the Gaza Strip, Israel faces accusations of committing genocide before the International Court of Justice, for the first time in its history, which was met with regional and global welcome for putting an end to Israel’s impunity, while this faced American opposition.

Morocco: 105 demonstrations in 45 cities in support of Gaza

Among them are Casablanca, Kenitra, Sefrou, El Jadida, Safi and Agadir, according to a statement by the “Moroccan Authority for Supporting the Nation’s Issues.”

The Moroccan Authority for Supporting the Nation's Issues (a non-governmental organization) announced that it organized 105 demonstrations in 45 cities, on Friday, in support of Gaza, which has been subjected to an Israeli war for more than four months.

The authority added, in a statement, that “in continuation of the popular solidarity movement with the people of Gaza, the Moroccan people went out on Friday in 105 demonstrations in 54 cities, as an affirmation of support and support for the people of Palestine.”

Among the cities that witnessed these demonstrations were Casablanca, Kenitra, Sefrou (north), El Jadida, Safi (west), and Agadir (south), according to the statement.

He pointed out that "the participants raised slogans denouncing the war of genocide practiced by the entity against civilians in Gaza, and Western support and international silence towards the massacres that have reached their fourth month in an attempt to displace the people of Gaza."

The statement indicated that the participants renewed their call on the Moroccan authorities to take a supportive position for the people of Palestine and immediately withdraw from the normalization agreement with Israel.

The demonstrators announced that they will continue the movement until the war on the people of Gaza stops and the Palestinian people are empowered with their just and legitimate rights.

On Friday, the death toll from the war on the Gaza Strip, as a result of which Israel is being tried on charges of “genocide,” rose to “27,947 martyrs and 67,459 injured since last October 7,” according to the Palestinian authorities in the Strip.
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