Doctor: Pneumococcus is the number one killer among infections Doctor: Pneumococcus is the number one killer among infections

Doctor: Pneumococcus is the number one killer among infections

Doctor: Pneumococcus is the number one killer among infections

Pneumococcus is a genus of deadly bacteria, and it is considered the most dangerous type of infection in hospitals because it kills many patients hospitalized there.

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov says: “I can say that pneumococci are the number one killer among infectious disease pathogens, and this especially applies to the elderly.”

According to him, pneumococci live in every second or third person among us, and for some reason, when the immune system malfunctions, these bacteria cause disease. The most dangerous thing in the case of pneumonia is the entry of pneumococci into the blood.

He says: “The death rate in the hospital when it is present in the blood rises to 30 percent at the present time. That is, in the era of antibiotics, one out of every three people dies. Therefore, it is important to identify patients and start treating them early, otherwise the death rate will rise to more than 30 percent.” ".

In addition, pneumococci cause meningitis more often than meningococci. It also causes children to suffer from otitis media, and the elderly to suffer from arthritis - inflammation of the knee or septic joint.

According to him, vaccination and taking care of the immune system can protect against this dangerous infection. “Who gives us good immunity? The sun, the air, and the water.”

“Including reducing the risk of dementia.” The therapeutic properties of cinnamon

Cinnamon, with its distinctive aroma and strong taste, is considered a popular spice. It is added as a medicinal ingredient to tea, coffee, porridges, and other dishes.

Dr. Sergey Agapkin points out that many people use cinnamon without knowing about its therapeutic properties.

According to him, studies have shown that cinnamon is able to reduce the risk of developing various forms of dementia, including vascular dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, people over the age of 40-50 are advised to drink cinnamon regularly. He continues, and the volatile oils found in cinnamon have antibacterial properties, preventing their proliferation in the oral cavity, which helps protect tooth enamel.

Agapkin points out that laboratory experiments have confirmed the effectiveness of cinnamon against certain strains of viruses, including influenza pathogens. In addition, cinnamon can be used to lower blood sugar levels by adding it to various drinks, including dairy products.

In general, it is better to use unground cinnamon because it retains its aroma and benefits. Cinnamon can be added to various drinks, porridges, pastries, and various food dishes to enjoy its taste and obtain its benefits.
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