He called for imposing military service on the “Haredim.” Gallant drops a political bomb that threatens to destabilize Netanyahu’s ruling coalition He called for imposing military service on the “Haredim.” Gallant drops a political bomb that threatens to destabilize Netanyahu’s ruling coalition

He called for imposing military service on the “Haredim.” Gallant drops a political bomb that threatens to destabilize Netanyahu’s ruling coalition

He called for imposing military service on the “Haredim.” Gallant drops a political bomb that threatens to destabilize Netanyahu’s ruling coalition

Nazareth - On the 150th day of its war on Gaza, Israel is witnessing signs of a new internal crisis that threatens to dismantle its ruling coalition, after the ultimatum announced by Defense Minister Yoav Galant last night about the necessity of imposing military service on Haredi Jews as well, without coordinating this sensitive position with Netanyahu, while National Party head Benny Gantz was quick to announce his support for Galant.

Yesterday, Gallant initiated a press conference alone, in which he said that without the understandings and approval of all coalition blocs, he would not present on behalf of the army what is known as the “conscription law” for approval in the Knesset, calling on Netanyahu to push for that.

It is noteworthy that the Haredi Jews , who today constitute 13% of the Israeli population, have not performed military service since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948, and they devote their time and energies to learning the Torah, which “protects the Jews and their state” in the face of all dangers, no less than a gun, according to their faith.

Haredi Jews, who constitute 13% of Israelis, have not performed military service since 1948, and devote their time and energies to learning the Torah.

The Haredim had exploited the ongoing historical struggle for power between the Zionist right and left in order to perpetuate the reluctance to military service, by playing the role of a “piss egg” to tip the balance in favor of one or the other of the two camps fighting for power, in exchange for not conscripting their youth.

Haredi leaders fear that military service will interrupt the process of learning the Torah for the youth of this ultra-Orthodox Jewish group in religious schools and colleges, in addition to the fear that the army threatens them with assimilation and the loss of their special social characteristics, as it is a “melting pot” for all Israelis.

Against this background, Haredi youth do not perform military service and are interrupted for education and worship, and therefore they do not go out to the labor market, which makes them a burden on the rest of the Israelis in several areas. What makes matters worse is that they refuse to teach their children in the primary and secondary levels adequate sciences and languages. In fact, the sale of mobile phones is prohibited in some of their cities so that they are not affected by modernity and foreign ideas, and in order to preserve their traditional, conservative lifestyle.

The war on Gaza
In the past, Israel witnessed many heated discussions on this issue, and repeated attempts to include Haredi Jews in the military service department, the most recent of which was an initiative by the Yesh Atid party headed by opposition leader Yair Lapid since 2013, but to no avail. The debate escalated and turned into a debate after it was revealed two weeks ago that the ruling coalition intended to take a decision to increase the burdens on those who bear them by prolonging the service period of “regular” army soldiers and increasing the service period of the “reserve army” as well, while exempting the “haredim,” which sparked anger among A wide range of Israeli protests protest this, accusing Netanyahu of yielding to the blackmail of the Haredim in the hope of continuing their support for his rule.

Since the war on Gaza was launched five months ago, the human, social and economic burdens of conscripts have increased, and in recent weeks a debate has erupted about the recruitment of the Haredim, especially since the ruling coalition headed by Netanyahu was preparing to introduce the “conscription law” that effectively exempts them from military service and replaces it with civil service. These transformations prompted some Israeli civil organizations to file petitions with the Supreme Court to prevent this, and to impose military service on the Haredim.

In the past, Israel witnessed many heated discussions and repeated attempts to include the Haredim in the military service, but to no avail.

supreme court
Yesterday, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a precautionary order ordering the state to explain why it does not recruit Haredim into the army until March 24. One week after this date, the duration of a previous government decision to postpone the arrangement of the military service issue expires, due to the loss of agreement on it.

The Israeli Supreme Court considers it necessary to define regulations for recruitment into the army through basic legislation in the Knesset, and in doing so it distances itself from the issue and refrains from interfering and imposing conscription on the Haredim.

Among these Israeli organizations is the “Brothers in Arms” organization, which rushed today to congratulate Gallant for being the first to wake up and take the initiative. She says in her statement that “the hour of action has struck, and Gallant showed responsibility by saying explicitly and implicitly: During this period, everyone must share in carrying the burdens.”

Gallant said in his press conference, “In this historical period, where we are in a war over the home, all parts of the people must share the burden in order to be able to confront the challenges and threats.” This is a national need to increase the length of service of regular army soldiers and this is a national challenge. The war demonstrated the need for everyone’s participation,” he said.

Gallant pointed out that there is talk about a recruitment law that includes the participation of the Haredim as well. In response to Haredi claims that learning the Torah is no less important than military service in preserving the Jewish people and Israel, Gallant emphasized that without a physical existence, there is no spiritual existence, and everyone must share the burdens. He continued: “Any agreement formula that is acceptable to all coalition blocs will be acceptable to me.” Without comprehensive consensus, the security establishment will not present the draft conscription law.”

Gantz's blessing
War Council member Benny Gantz was quick to congratulate Gallant on his initiative, and justified his position by saying that all parts of the people must participate in the right to military service, stressing that “this is a security, national and social need, and we will work in cooperation with all the blocs to reach an understanding on a formula regarding it.” For his part, Lapid called on Gantz to support a proposed formula that he will present in the Knesset next week, and said that Likud, as a ruling party, must act like a Zionist party and support it, and he continued: “We will not be able to win without our mobilization together.”

Haredi leaders express anger at Gallant and threaten to bring down the ruling coalition and go to early general elections if military service is imposed on them.

Haredi leaders are angry at Gallant after he threw a “political time bomb” without consulting their parties or the prime minister. According to leaks today, Thursday, they are threatening to topple the ruling coalition and go to early general elections if military service is imposed on their youth.

In a related context, in its headline, the newspaper “Israel Hayom” called for the formation of an official investigation committee into the “major failure” on October 7, and said that the time has come to provide answers to the public.

So far, Netanyahu and his party have not commented on Gallant’s position, and this will certainly increase the existing tension between them since he took the initiative in March 2023 to warn on television that “judicial reforms” entail a strategic threat to Israel’s security, which prompted Netanyahu to dismiss him, but he was forced under pressure. The street to change its position.

In response to those who are surprised by this call, the newspaper says, “After five months of war, the decline in its pace and strength, and the return to normal life, it has become possible and necessary to investigate the major failure October 7th.”


  1. Israel faces internal turmoil as Defense Minister Galant pushes for Haredi Jews to join military service. This could unravel the ruling coalition, sparking debates on national security and social cohesion.

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