The most harmful color to eyesight The most harmful color to eyesight

The most harmful color to eyesight

The most harmful color to eyesight

In the contemporary world saturated with light sources of different spectra, interest in vision is becoming increasingly important. Because proper lighting creates comfort and warmth, and has a significant impact on eye health.

Dr. Dmitry Dementiev explains how UV, infrared and blue light affects the eyes.

 Harmful lighting

-UV light. It is found in sunlight, germicidal lamps, and other sources. Ultraviolet rays can cause many different problems such as retinal damage, cataracts, and more. The danger of these rays increases when exposed to them for a long, continuous period.

Infrared light is found in a variety of sources, including heat lamps, some photosynthesis lamps, and others. Infrared light can damage the macula - the central part of the retina, and cause problems with central vision. It can destroy the lutein pigment, which is important for eye health.

Blue light: Sources of blue light are LEDs (light emitting diode), computer screens, digital devices, and smartphones. The wavelength of blue light is short, which makes it more harmful to the eyes. So prolonged exposure to blue light can cause eye fatigue, poor sleep, and damage the macula and central vision.

Adequate lighting is useful

Beneficial warm light is typically associated with incandescent bulbs, warm-colored LEDs, and other sources that emit yellow-orange light. These lamps create a comfortable atmosphere and soft lighting that does not strain the eyes like bright white or blue light, and their effect is beneficial on the general condition and relaxation of the eyes after working on the computer or phone.

Protect eyes

- You must wear protective glasses to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays when exposed to sunlight for a long period.

- Time in front of electronic device screens should be reduced and room addition should be improved.
- Use lamps and lighting sources based on their effect on the eyes, giving preference to warm yellow lighting.

Use special office or computer glasses to help reduce a person's exposure to blue light.

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