Why do women tolerate fever more than men? Why do women tolerate fever more than men?

Why do women tolerate fever more than men?

Why do women tolerate fever more than men?

Dr. Yekaterina Demyanovskaya, a neurologist, revealed why women tolerate higher body temperatures than men.

The doctor points out that a woman's body is more adaptable to high temperatures than a man's body.

She says: "There are several other reasons. First, a woman's body temperature can rise by 0.5-0.7 degrees Celsius during ovulation and in the second half of the menstrual cycle. That is, a mild fever is common for women."

In addition, women often weigh less than men. According to her, people with low body mass find it easier to deal with fever thanks to heat transfer (convection). The female hormone estrogen also affects this process, which ensures a rapid immune response to infection.

In addition to the physiological reasons, there are psychological reasons for this phenomenon. For example, women are more concerned with their health compared to men.

Fat accumulated in the body and how to get rid of it

The accumulation of fat in the body causes many diseases and health problems, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. What are the best ways to get rid of fat and obesity?
Many medical studies indicate that body fat percentages should not exceed certain levels, and that increasing these levels is evidence of obesity and a dangerous indicator warning of the risk of developing several diseases. Some studies show that normal fat levels range between 8 and 20% in men. And sometimes 14 to 30% in women.

Body fat rates can be measured in different ways. The simplest of these methods is measuring body circumference or Anthropometric, where specific measurements are taken for the waist, neck, and hips area and this data is compared to the person’s height, and sample tables are used to determine normal proportions. This method is considered easy and inexpensive, but it may not work. It sometimes gives accurate results for the percentages of fat accumulated in the body.

There is another method that relies on skin folds. The skin is folded in certain areas of the body and its thickness is measured with a caliper-like instrument. These results are compared with tables based on gender and age to determine the percentage of fat according to these indicators. More accurate methods can also be adopted, such as using devices based on On X-rays to determine the components of the tissues and the distribution of fats in them, or to perform what is called bioelectrical impedance analysis of the body.

Doctors and nutrition experts advise following several measures to combat the accumulation of fat in the body, the most prominent of which is adopting an integrated and balanced diet that provides the body with appropriate amounts of proteins, fats, vitamins and mineral salts, and continuing to eat vegetables and foods rich in fiber and eating foods that contain omega-3, which maintains muscle mass. It controls metabolic rates.

Nutrition experts also point out that drinking sufficient amounts of water helps control the body’s metabolic rates and eliminate harmful fats and wastes from it. They advise drinking some drinks that help burn fat, such as water, lemon, green tea, and coffee, in measured quantities and according to the person’s health condition.

Another important thing to focus on is eating food slowly and chewing it well, as it increases the feeling of fullness and helps the digestive system work well.

To maintain a healthy body free of diseases, especially those related to obesity, doctors advise exercising and walking regularly for at least half an hour every day.
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