An attack on Putin, a challenge to Trump, and aid to Gaza,What did Biden say in his union speech? An attack on Putin, a challenge to Trump, and aid to Gaza,What did Biden say in his union speech?

An attack on Putin, a challenge to Trump, and aid to Gaza,What did Biden say in his union speech?

An attack on Putin, a challenge to Trump, and aid to Gaza,What did Biden say in his union speech?

In his State of the Union address, US President Joe Biden attacked Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing his predecessor Donald Trump, against whom he will run in the upcoming presidential elections, of “submission,” while announcing that he had ordered the US military to provide aid to the Gaza Strip across the Mediterranean.

US President Joe Biden announced continued support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian attack, and urged Congress to approve aid to Kiev to "stop Putin."

In a State of the Union address in which he reviewed his positions as part of his bid for re-election later this year, Biden attacked former President Donald Trump for what he saw as his submission to Russia, his failure to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, and his cover-up of the Capitol attack.

Message to Putin

“Now my predecessor, the former Republican president, is saying to Putin: Do whatever you want,” Biden said. “I think that is outrageous, dangerous, and unacceptable.”

Biden, who is pressing Congress to provide additional funding to Ukraine for its war with Russia, also sent a message to Putin that the United States "will not abandon" its ally.

Biden told both chambers of Congress that Trump "is telling Putin: Do whatever the hell you want," adding: "I will not bow down," and "history is watching in every sense of the word."

The Democratic president continued: “My message to President Putin, whom I have known for a long time, is simply: We will not back down,” and added: “I will not bow” to Putin.

'An unprecedented moment'

Biden compared his positions with those of Trump, his Republican rival in the November 5 elections, on democracy, abortion rights, and the economy during a speech watched by millions of Americans, in which Democrats see a great opportunity for Biden to push for a second term.

Biden described the current time as an "unprecedented moment" in America, and compared his speech on Thursday to that of former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1941, just before the United States entered World War II.


The US President praised his country's strong economy and its recovery after the Covid pandemic crisis.

He said: “People, I inherited an economy that was on the brink of collapse,Now our economy has become the envy of the world in every sense of the word. 15 million new jobs in just three years, this is a record, and unemployment is at its lowest levels in 50 years.”


Biden launched a violent attack on Trump because of the Republican billionaire's anti-immigrant rhetoric.

He said: “I will not demonize immigrants, saying that they are poisoning the blood of our country,” quoting a statement by his predecessor, calling on Congress to reform immigration laws.

The age of the president

The American President also responded to critics of his candidacy for a second term despite his advanced age, by saying that his 81 years made him see things “clearer than ever before.”

He said: “I know it may not seem like it, but I was born a long time ago... At my age some things become clearer than ever before.”

"bargaining chip"

Biden also warned Israel that it could not use the humanitarian aid file for the Gaza Strip as a “bargaining card,” calling for an immediate six-week ceasefire between the occupation and Hamas.

Biden said in his speech: “To the leadership of Israel, I say: Humanitarian aid cannot be a secondary issue or a bargaining chip. Protecting and saving innocent lives must be the priority.”

He added that he ordered the US military to establish a temporary port in Gaza to deliver more humanitarian aid by sea to the besieged Palestinian Strip.

He said: “Tonight, I ordered the US military to lead an emergency mission to establish a temporary dock in the Mediterranean Sea on the coast of Gaza that can receive large ships loaded with food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters.”

Biden confirmed that "there will be no American forces on the ground."

He explained, "This temporary pier would allow a huge increase in the amount of humanitarian aid arriving in Gaza every day."

But the US President stressed that "Israel must also play its role: Israel must allow more aid into Gaza and ensure that humanitarian workers are not caught in the crossfire."

Biden reaffirmed his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state, a goal opposed by the far-right government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“As we look to the future, the only real solution is the two-state solution,” Biden said.


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