Children of Gaza pay the highest price for the war Children of Gaza pay the highest price for the war

Children of Gaza pay the highest price for the war

Children of Gaza pay the highest price for the war

Palestinian children pay the highest price for the war waged by Israel on the Gaza Strip, as they are deprived of food and water, and death from starvation becomes the fate of those who were not killed by the bombing.

On a daily basis, the Israeli army issues statements and video clips showing the violent bombing of homes, saying that it is eliminating “terrorists,” while most of the dead are children.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that the death toll as a result of the Israeli bombing had risen to 30,631, in addition to 72,043 injuries, most of them women and children.

Ministry spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra said that the number of children who died due to drought and malnutrition in northern Gaza had risen to 15 children.

Video clips have spread on social media showing the suffering experienced by children in the Gaza Strip, whether from hunger, death, or injury. Below we review some of them, despite their harshness.

Officials from international children's and relief organizations continue to warn of the deteriorating conditions of children in Gaza at all levels. Adele Khader, UNICEF's Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, said: “Humanitarian relief agencies like UNICEF must be empowered to reverse the humanitarian crisis and prevent famine, and saving children's lives."

The United Nations warned that more than half a million people in Gaza face the risk of starvation in light of the siege imposed by Israel on the Strip, while human rights organizations accused Israel of using weapons as a tool for starvation.

The UN rapporteur on the right to food also said that  Israel is deliberately starving the Palestinians , stressing that “it must be held accountable for war crimes and genocide.”

Last week, Israeli forces targeted a group of Palestinian citizens while they were waiting for trucks carrying humanitarian aid to arrive at the Nabulsi roundabout near Al-Rashid Street in the northwest of the Gaza Strip, killing more than 100 people and wounding more than 1,000 others.

The Israeli army has claimed that  Palestinian crowds attacked aid trucks , resulting in dozens being killed due to overcrowding and trampling.

A United Nations report and accounts from eyewitnesses, doctors, and officials revealed that a large number of those wounded in the “Rashid Street massacre” were the result of gunshots fired at them by Israeli forces .

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