Study: Electric cars may prevent 3 million asthma attacks Study: Electric cars may prevent 3 million asthma attacks

Study: Electric cars may prevent 3 million asthma attacks

Study: Electric cars may prevent 3 million asthma attacks

A scientific study conducted in the United States revealed that switching to using electric cars instead of cars that run on fossil fuels will have a significant positive impact on the health, quality of life and longevity of millions, especially young people who live near highways and in cities crowded with transportation.

The study conducted by the American Pulmonary Association revealed that switching to electric cars could prevent nearly 3 million asthma attacks , hundreds of child deaths due to respiratory diseases, as well as millions of health problems related to the respiratory system, whether upper or lower.

The study found that about 27 million children live in residential areas with high rates of air pollution, and that the harm caused to children as a result of air pollution is “immediate and long-term as well.”

The head of the study team, William Barrett, says that 120 million people in the United States breathe impure air, and that 72 million people live along the country’s main transportation routes. He explained in statements reported by the website “Popular Science,” which specializes in scientific research, that “trucks that operate Diesel fuel is one of the most prominent elements that cause air pollution.”

He added that these trucks represent between 5% and 10% of the vehicles driving on the roads, but they produce the majority of smog emissions, which consist of ozone and nitrogen.

Barrett emphasized that ozone gas in particular poses serious risks to health, because once it enters the human body, it causes damage that amounts to sunburn, and leads to inflammation and deterioration of respiratory tissue.

Barrett highlighted the efforts made by the US administration in the field of converting large trucks to run on electricity, and the pledges made by the administration of US President Joe Biden so that 30% of trucks driving on American roads will run on electricity by 2030.

He stressed the need to take further measures, such as increasing the number of electric charging stations and providing tax exemptions for electric cars and other financial incentives, to promote this type of car.

Barrett concluded that more efforts must be made in this regard, especially in light of the increasing severity of the climate crisis.

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