China's colonialism and double standards in evaluating "terror". Our reporter from Washington has prepared a report China's colonialism and double standards in evaluating "terror". Our reporter from Washington has prepared a report

China's colonialism and double standards in evaluating "terror". Our reporter from Washington has prepared a report

China's colonialism and double standards in evaluating "terror". Our reporter from Washington has prepared a report

In the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Ma Xinming, head of the Court of International Agreements and Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, expressed China's position at the meeting of the International Court of Justice on the Palestinian issue held in the Netherlands on February 22. We emphasize the legality of the armed struggle.

According to Ma Xinming, the Palestinians have the right to armed resistance to Israel in order to determine their own destiny. Hamas is justified in attacking Israel and killing more than 1,200 civilians.

 "The Times of Israel" newspaper said that Ma Xinming also said in court that many countries have a history of getting rid of colonialism through armed struggle, and that Hamas's attack on Israel is not terrorism, but a "legitimate armed struggle".

 The "Times of Israel" published a commentary on the 26th, denying Ma Shinming's statement that "Palestinians have the right to use armed force." Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Hiaat commented on X: "The law of war does not permit systematic and targeted attacks on civilians, and the sacrifice of civilians as shields." Hamas has committed both of these war crimes using the name ``armed struggle''. China should ask itself: Why would Hamas, a terrorist organization, immediately welcome the words of its legal adviser (Ma Shinming) at the International Court of Justice? ".

Dr. Sean R. Roberts, professor of international relations at George Washington University, said that China is using double standards: "It is very clear that there is a problem of double standards. The United States and China have different positions on this issue. In such a case, one country's freedom fighter becomes another country's terrorist. "The problem is that powerful countries often use double standards and feel entitled to them."

Turkey's Seljuk University teacher and researcher at the Uyghur Studies Institute, Dr. Adiljan Er Uyghur believes that China's advocacy of Palestine at the International Court of Justice is a matter of power and interest.

Chinese representative Ma Xingming said in a statement that he supports the armed resistance of the people of the colonized lands. James A. Millward, a Chinese and Central Asian historian and a professor at Georgetown University, believes that the Uyghur region is also a conquered land. The Chinese communist government has been colonizing the occupied Uyghur lands since the Qing Dynasty. In a recent interview with our radio station, he said that nationalist China has considered the remaining lands of the Manqing Empire, including the Uyghur region, which did not belong to China before the 18th century, to be part of China. He also emphasized that even if Communist China's rule over the Uyghur region and Tibet is recognized internationally, it should be recognized that it was originally formed by absorbing the lands of the Uyghurs and Tibetans.

Professor James Milward and Georgetown University Middle East researcher Nadir Hashemi published an article in Dawn newspaper on February 23, entitled "Lessons of the Genocide in Xinjiang and Gaza", which focused on the issues raised during the recent Palestinian hearings at the International Court of Justice. , the issue of genocide in the Uyghur region is also compared. The article states: "Why do so many countries defend Israel while condemning the genocide in China when the United Nations has a clear legal definition of genocide?" Why do the countries that accuse Israel justify China's crimes? This reveals that double standards are used to evaluate what happened in Xinjiang and Gaza as a genocide, as well as the flaws in the fundamental principles of the international order.

Professor James Millward commented on this in a written response to our radio: "The United States has recognized the genocide in Xinjiang and not the one in Gaza; China has denied the genocide in Xinjiang and acknowledged the genocide in Gaza. This is a sad situation.

According to BBC news on February 29, the Hamas Ministry of Health announced that since October 7 last year, the death toll in Gaza has increased to more than 30,000, and most of them are women and children. According to news reports, the high number of Palestinians killed in the conflict caused by Hamas attacks has led to accusations that "genocide is taking place in Gaza."

Israel said the Chinese representative called the attack by Hamas "armed resistance". Sean Roberts believes that the Chinese government has brutally repressed Uyghur protests and righteous struggles by linking them to terrorism. The Uyghurs have attributed all major and minor resistance movements to non-physical organizations with names such as the "East Turkistan Islamic Movement".

- In 2020, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo removed the so-called "Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement" from the "list of terrorist organizations", but China has continued to try to make it exist. In April last year, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said: "The East Turkistan Islamic Movement has planned and carried out a series of violent-terrorist attacks inside and outside China." Professor Sean Roberts insists that no such organization exists. This time, China ignored Hamas's terrorist attack, justified it and oppressed Uyghurs, he said. There is no common international definition of terrorism. Therefore, all countries are using this concept at will; They call those who fight for national interests as freedom fighters, and those who fight against them are called terrorists.

Dr. Adiljan said that Uighurs in a strong position in China often characterize the Uighurs in a weak position in their own way, showing them to be bad, ugly, and dangerous to others.

According to experts, as soon as "genocide" is mentioned in today's world, this stamp will be slapped on China's forehead; Whether it is in Ukraine or Palestine where war is going on, when there are war crimes that take the form of national genocide, it is said that China is also secretly and viciously killing Uyghurs.

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