Dinosaur ride! Dinosaur ride!

Dinosaur ride!

Dinosaur ride!

What would your reaction be if you saw in a museum of historical antiquities a rock sculpture of a man sitting on a shield above a dinosaur, another sculpture depicting a man performing a human heart transplant, and another observing the sky with a telescope?

This is not an imagined picture, but a scene that can be seen in the Dr. Javier Cabrera Museum “1924-2001”, in the city of Ica, located south of Lima, the capital of Peru.

What are known as the Ica Stones, a mysterious phenomenon that contributed to its fame and spread. Cabrera is a famous figure in Peru from the lineage of the Spaniards, the first invaders of the region. He worked as a professor of medicine and dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Lima. He also founded the “Ica Stones” museum in addition to a college of medicine in this city. It was founded by one of his ancient ancestors in 1563.

The Stones of Ica, a small private museum located in the Plaza de Armas area of ​​the city of Ica, has collected 11,000 stones found in the desert surrounding the city since the early 1960s. These circular stones of different sizes, some of them depict shocking scenes that contradict the concepts and facts on which modern traditional science was founded.

These stones, carved with great care, consist of two layers, the inner layer of black basalt, and the outer layer of hard, shiny andesite rock. They are of different sizes, some as small as the size of a football and others of large sizes, weighing up to a ton and a half.

These stones began to appear in 1961 following a flood of the Ika River, when local farmers began searching for gold and artifacts and selling them. The activity of those known as antiquity pirates was concentrated in the Nazca, Ica and Paracas regions of Peru.

After Dr. Cabrera's death in 2001, his daughter Eugenia continued her father's activity and curated the "Stones of Ica" museum, which displays a large collection depicting various scenes of the daily life of the ancient inhabitants.

These mysterious stones, arousing widespread controversy among scholars and interested people, have scenes carved on them, some of which reflect scenes of highly advanced medical knowledge, including a scene in which a person appears transferring a heart from a young man to an old woman, and another depicts extracting the brain from a patient and connecting it to what looks like devices that maintain,Life, and a third scene of a cesarean section.

What is amazing is that these stones represent several types of dinosaurs that science says became extinct about 60 million years ago, as if they were peaceful, domesticated animals that humans rode, and one of them wore what looked like a shield on the back of one of them.

 In addition, some of the mysterious Ica stones include images of other animals that have become extinct on the American continents since time immemorial, such as deer, kangaroos, mammoths, and even horses, which the Indians recognized after the Spanish arrived in the region.

What is also noteworthy is that some of these stones have a map of ancient continents carved on them with variable and unknown features. These continents show signs that they are inhabited by humans and animals, while their populations are divided according to occupations and classes.

Dr. Javier Cabrera has dedicated his life and fortune to collecting the Ica Stones, spending at least 40 years collecting and caring for what he believes is an "ancient encyclopedia of knowledge."

 Cabrera developed a theory for his stones that says that a highly intelligent civilization with an advanced society arose in this region, and that the ancients knew that a catastrophic event that could destroy life on Earth was about to occur, so they transferred their knowledge and carved it on the stones with the aim of preserving it for those who would survive annihilation.

The Peruvian government intervened under pressure from scientific figures and launched a campaign against what were described as fake sculptures, and imprisoned a farmer who had sold many of these stones to Dr. Cabrera. After his arrest, the man confessed that he had carved these stones himself for the purpose of financial gain. He later claimed to journalists that he had to make this confession to get rid of the charge of illegal excavation of antiquities.

The official version confirmed that a single farmer or a small group of local residents carved these stones and sold them to tourists and interested parties.

On the other hand, supporters of the “Ica Stones” insist that some of these sculptures are real and ancient, pointing out that examinations carried out by some universities in Europe have confirmed that they are ancient through sediments inside the carved lines.

These people defend these stones by emphasizing that it is difficult for a small group of people to forge them, assuming that the 50,000 stones, which is the total number available to antique collectors and some local museums, could not be completed in half a century, for example, because that means that they were carving 1,000 stones. Every year, that is, three stones every day.

Supporters of the "Ica stones", including some researchers who position themselves as having an unconventional scientific approach, defend the authenticity of some of these stones by saying that there is no motive to expend strenuous efforts in carving solid stones because they were sold at low prices and had no meaningful return, admitting at the same time There are fake pieces, but they say that they are known for the method and content of their sculptures and for the smallness of their stones, stressing that these stones are a real mystery that should not be completely discarded and placed in the category of forgery and deception.

 The controversy over the mysterious Ica stones continues and may never stop, but if it is proven conclusively that all of these stones are forged with their dinosaurs and strange scenes that are not consistent with logic, this will not indicate that some people are capable, without limits and for free, of being artistic in everything, including, In forgery and deception.


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