Egypt responds to the sale of railway tracks Egypt responds to the sale of railway tracks

Egypt responds to the sale of railway tracks

Egypt responds to the sale of railway tracks

The Egyptian Ministry of Transport responded to the news circulated on a YouTube channel about the sale of rails and track equipment for the Abu Qir train at auction.

The Ministry confirmed that the news of the sale of rails and equipment resulting from the Abu Qir line at auction is not true, and that this news is completely false. The Ministry confirms the following facts:

1- The Abu Qir train was stopped to begin the work of the companies implementing the Alexandria Metro project on the same track.

2- The equipment and railway tracks are being lifted and stored in the authority’s storage tanks in (Abis - Tanta - Minya - Qena - Al-Bosili), where they are being examined and prepared in preparation for transporting them to the sites of the new railway lines being constructed, such as the (Al-Manashy / 6th of October - Sadat) lines. Kafr Daoud - Al-Roubiki / 10th / Belbeis - Marsa Matrouh / Jarjoub) and developing, restoring and raising the efficiency of some lines such as the Al-Ferdan / Bir Al-Abd line.

3- As for the rails located on the Al-Nahhas Company land, they are the product of the rails that used to occupy the path of the railway line within this land, which was allocated to be the main workshop for the Alexandria Metro Project. These rails will also be transferred to the authority’s storage docks.

4- The Ministry of Transport confirms that all railway lifting work and equipment are completely secured and monitored by cameras to prevent the theft or leakage of any equipment.

5- The Ministry of Transport also stresses the need not to address any false and misleading data about the railway facility and transport facilities in general, so that its publisher is not exposed to legal accountability.

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