"March 8 International Women's Day" and Uyghur women who have become the target of China's attack "March 8 International Women's Day" and Uyghur women who have become the target of China's attack

"March 8 International Women's Day" and Uyghur women who have become the target of China's attack

"March 8 International Women's Day" and Uyghur women who have become the target of China's attack

This year, the Chinese government has announced that women's rights are fully guaranteed in the news released on the occasion of "March 8 Women's Day". However, the violation of the rights of women living under Chinese rule, especially Uyghur women, has been the focus of international human rights organizations and independent media for years. On March 5, "Zimistan" published an article written by Ruth Ingram entitled "The Chinese Communist Party's War on Religious Uyghur Women". The author of the article, Ruth Ingram, is a researcher who has published articles in the Central Asia-Caucasus Press, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, The Guardian Weekly, and The Diplomat. In the mass abductions that broke out in 2011, he described in detail how he was first imprisoned in camps, then sentenced to prison for severe cases, and forced sterilization for minors. In the process, he made full use of research reports and news stories about the targeting of Uyghur women.

Prior to this, experts such as Adrian Zenz, in their reports on the Uyghur situation and their testimony in human rights organizations, emphasized that Uyghur women and girls were the ones who paid the heaviest price in the genocide that China has been perpetrating against Uyghurs for years.

 However, China's official media such as Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television, and other media reported Xi Jinping's celebration of "March 8 Women's Day", and in the March 6 and 7 editions of "Tangritag" network, the so-called "rights of women of all ethnicities in Xinjiang" It is promoted that their rights are guaranteed, and they get opportunities to work in various fields and contribute to the development of society.

Since 2017, in the name of "eradication of religious extremism", abducted to the camps in a wave of arrests, and released after experiencing camp life for a while, Zumrat Davut and Ms. Suyai Ziaudun from the United States interviewed us and said that this kind of propaganda news by the Chinese government is completely fraudulent, and in fact, China In his government's policy of oppressing Uyghurs for years, Uyghur women have always been the targets of attack.

Ms. Zumrat Davud first said that the so-called "rights" shown in China's propaganda do not belong to Uyghur women, and they would never dare to speak the truth about the oppression they are suffering.

 Ms. Zumrat David stated that she and many other Uyghur women like her have been forced to be sterilized and have their children aborted.

He believes that under Chinese rule, Uyghur women have been deprived of their freedom to live as normal women and even give birth. Almost all the Uyghur women she knows have experienced forced abortions. The so-called sins of the Uyghur women who were abducted and imprisoned with him were their religious beliefs or having many children. Whether the Uyghur women in the camps or the Uyghur women outside the camps, the same tragedies they face are forced sterilization and the loss of their unborn children. Ms. Zumrat emphasized that these incidents of Uyghur women are the most typical examples of Uyghur women being victimized in the most heinous way in a planned, systematic manner in China's genocidal policy against Uyghurs.

One of the witnesses of the camp, Ms. Siyayay Ziyadun said, "March 8 Women's Day" is the darkest day in her memory. He stated that he was called to the police station in his area on March 8, 2018, and that he was detained in a so-called "training camp" on March 10.

In addition to being abducted, separated from their families and children, forced sterilization, and forced labor in Chinese factories, Ms. Sivaai said that the Uyghur and Kazakh women who were imprisoned together with her in the prison camp were subjected to sexual abuse through the most heinous means. The Uyghur girls outside the camp were forced to touch Chinese men. He mentioned that it was being done.

He emphasized that Uyghur women are the victims of systematic and targeted genocide in China, and that the Chinese government targets women and children, who are the most vulnerable part of the Uyghur community. Today, Uyghur women are subjected to unprecedented humiliation and inhumane treatment, even if their rights are not protected.


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