Side effects of heartburn medications Side effects of heartburn medications

Side effects of heartburn medications

Side effects of heartburn medications

Everyone feels heartburn at least once in their life. Each person chooses a way to treat it and deal with it.

Dr. Elvira Fesenko, a Russian nutrition expert, points out that it has long been proven that soda is not the best treatment for heartburn, and not all medications sold in pharmacies are safe. There are medications that should not be taken frequently. Why and what are these medications?

According to her, frequent and uncontrolled use of some medications can damage the stomach and increase the risk of side effects - such as constipation, swelling, allergic reactions and many others.

“Antacids used to treat heartburn, sold in pharmacies, usually contain aluminum, which can lead to constipation,” she says, “so it is better to give preference to medications that contain substances natural to the body - calcium and magnesium.” These drugs have a quick and safe effect, as they neutralize hydrochloric acid and protect the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus from its harmful effects.

She says: “After three minutes, the person will actually notice the result. Without any negative reactions - such as allergic reactions, constipation, and swelling, which are not excluded when taking other medications to treat heartburn.”

In addition, medications containing calcium and magnesium have been approved for use even by pregnant and breastfeeding women, because they do not pose any risk to the health of the fetus or infant.

The doctor recommends choosing the most appropriate form of medication. For example, chewable tablets can be used, which do not require drinking water, and the person can carry them with him. When purchasing medicine from a pharmacy, you must make sure that it is a medicine and not a nutritional supplement. Because this guarantees its high quality.

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