UAE Cyber ​​Security Council warns against “deep fake” techniques UAE Cyber ​​Security Council warns against “deep fake” techniques

UAE Cyber ​​Security Council warns against “deep fake” techniques

UAE Cyber ​​Security Council warns against “deep fake” techniques

The UAE Cyber ​​Security Council has warned of “deep fake” techniques and artificial intelligence techniques that may sometimes be used to defraud people online.
The Council stated that in light of the rapid development in the technological landscape, the spread of fraud using deep fake technology is increasing, especially with the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies, stressing that it is necessary to understand the techniques of these fraudulent practices to effectively protect yourself from potential harm.

The Council reviewed a real-life scenario of how deep fake technology can make you a victim of fraud, explaining that hackers extract a model of your voice from one of your accounts on social networking sites, and after analyzing the audio clips, they generate fake voice messages using artificial intelligence techniques, which appear to be your real voice, and create a “fake message.” “You claim to need urgent money and send it to your close friends, and based on your friend’s trust in your voice, he may fulfill the request and send his bank details to the hackers without his knowledge.

The Cybersecurity Council has identified three steps to protect against “deepfake” content: the first is to beware of strange requests for information, even from those close to you, the second is not to share sensitive information unless you are certain of the identity of the other party, and the third is to report to the authorities any attempts at fraud or blackmail using deepfake.” .

The Council stressed the importance of confronting various types of electronic attacks and raising the awareness of all members of society about any suspicious electronic activities that may harm them, which plays an essential role in protecting society from electronic fraud.

The Council indicated a set of steps to protect against the risks of electronic fraud in order to avoid becoming a victim of electronic fraud, including: Always be careful not to publish private contact information on untrusted platforms or websites, and not click on any link that comes via any text message, while always being careful to keep a backup copy. Of personal data, in addition to constantly updating the smartphone’s operating system, following up on security alerts issued by phone manufacturers, and not downloading or uploading any applications from unknown sources.

It is worth noting that the UAE Government Cybersecurity Council launched an awareness campaign targeting government and private institutions, and all members of society, under the title “The National Cybersecurity Campaign,A Year of Digital Awareness and Education,” and seeks to enhance awareness of the dangers of cyberspace, and various ways to protect against attacks. Cyber, and calls for the importance of taking caution to avoid falling victim to phishing and electronic fraud attacks that use technology to deceive digital users to obtain their information and personal data.


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