Which countries are visa-free: Trinidad and Tobago, visa-free but no direct flights Which countries are visa-free: Trinidad and Tobago, visa-free but no direct flights

Which countries are visa-free: Trinidad and Tobago, visa-free but no direct flights

Which countries are visa-free: Trinidad and Tobago, visa-free but no direct flights

Trinidad and Tobago, which is part of the West Indies, is a country where Pakistani citizens do not need a visa to visit, but they will have to take a flight from another country to reach here.
Well, West Indies participates in cricket as a single team, but actually it is a combination of 13 different countries. One of these countries is Trinidad and Tobago, where Pakistani nationals can be caught in a visa dilemma.

As the name suggests, the country is based on two large islands, Trinidad and Tobago, but there are also smaller islands.

The country was inhabited by indigenous people for seven thousand years, but Christopher Columbus arrived here in 1498, after which it became part of the Spanish colony.

The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is Port of Spain, where international cricket matches are played. For Pakistanis, Trinidad and Tobago's most famous personality is Brian Lara. Apart from this, Kieron Pollard, Sunil Narine, Darren Bravo etc are also from here.

This country has been inhabited for seven thousand years. After the arrival of Columbus, many European countries including Spain, Netherlands and France tried to establish a foothold here. It was finally captured by the British in 1797. This is why the dominant language here is English.

The country gained independence from Britain in 1962.

In the 19th century, the British took many Indians to Trinidad and Tobago for labor, whose descendants still live there today. Traces of it are still found in the names of cricketers here, such as Sunil Narine or Dave Muhammad.

The border with Venezuela, a major Latin American country, is only 11 kilometers away, and like Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago is rich in oil and natural gas, making it less dependent on tourism than other countries in the region. Had to

Trinidad and Tobago has a population of 1.4 million and an annual national product of more than $43 billion, while the per capita income is around $25,000, which is five times that of Pakistan.

How to get here?

It is not easy to reach Trinidad and Tobago from Pakistan. There are no direct flights here, so you'll have to go via London, New York or a city in the Middle East. This journey may take several days.

Interesting places

Port of Spain

It is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago with a population of around 500,000.

Port of Spain is the main commercial and business center not only for Trinidad and Tobago but also for the entire region and is home to many important international banks and offices.

Apart from this, there are many historical buildings and museums in this city.
Since Trinidad and Tobago is made up of islands, it naturally has many beach resorts. The most famous of these is Maracas Bay, which attracts tourists from around the world like a magnet for its blue waters, groves of coconut trees and white sand beaches.

Nylon pond

It is located in Tobago and offers tourists an unforgettable swimming experience.

This pond is located in the sea and its blue semi-warm water is waist deep. This lagoon was named after British Princess Margaret.

Argyle Falls

This 54 meter high waterfall is one of the main tourist attractions of Tobago. It is not one but a collection of milky waterfalls that cascade down together.

Fort King George

The fort was established in 1780 and its building is largely intact. There is also a museum here which preserves important relics of the history of the region.


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