Will the wormhole help us return to the past? Will the wormhole help us return to the past?

Will the wormhole help us return to the past?

Will the wormhole help us return to the past?

Chief researcher of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute, Kirill Bronnikov spoke at the All-Russian Festival NAUKA 0+ about the secrets of space, black holes, worms and travel to the world of the future.
According to Bronnikov, black holes and wormholes are related to gravitational forces and the curvatures of time, space, and matter. Einstein's theory of general relativity proved that heavy objects can bend space, and black holes and wormholes are very heavy objects.

In general, a black hole is a region of “space-time” with a strong gravitational field that attracts everything around it. Once a space object approaches the event horizon, it can never return. Even the speed of light is unable to overcome the gravity of black holes.

No one knows exactly how black holes formed. According to one theory, space at the beginning of the universe was filled with dense matter. But when this density is a little stronger, the material is compressed under the influence of its own gravitational field and a crater is formed.

There is also another hypothesis that black holes appear due to the collapse of stellar remains. When the fading star begins to contract catastrophically, an explosion occurs with the release of huge amounts of energy, while the remains of the star continue to shrink and begin to absorb nearby objects, turning into a large black hole.

The sizes of black holes vary greatly, although their weight reaches enormous levels. For example, a black hole with a diameter of several centimeters would actually weigh more than the Earth! It can now be imagined how much mass the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy must have.

What is inside a black hole? This is a unique region, where the curvature is infinite, that is, the concepts of "space" and "time" stop working there. The gravitational forces inside the black hole act differently on different parts of the body, so the balloon, once in the black hole, will become like a very thin thread. If the black hole is rotating, then after falling into a time tunnel inside it, the object will emerge changed through the area of ​​the white hole (the opposite of a black hole: everything just comes out of it and cannot return again). Since time inside a black hole is not subject to the laws of physics, passing through a black hole will become a journey to a future world from which it is impossible to return.

The black hole cannot be seen with a telescope. In real conditions, there are hot disks around the holes in which gravitational objects move, and the radiation from them is captured by modern devices.

A wormhole is an entity of spatial geometry that has the properties of a tunnel. Images taken by scientists showed that a wormhole is a kind of "bridge" that distorts space so much that it can significantly reduce the distance between two distant points. This is why wormholes can serve as time machines: traveling through the tunnel would take much less time. If you return through the same tunnel, you will be able to return to the past.

However, not a single wormhole has been discovered yet. These are just scientific assumptions. The main problem is that the physics of wormholes includes strange properties, such as negative density and energy.

Wormholes and black holes remain very mysterious objects in our universe. There are hypotheses that it is the fruit of the efforts of other super-civilizations. Scientists debate the differences between wormholes and black holes, and put forward different theories about how to obtain infinite energy from black holes or build a tunnel from one point in our universe to another. Although there is not enough data about these complex phenomena in our universe to fully understand them, we hope that one day humanity will be able to build power plants near black stars and travel between galaxies in a space "subway."

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