"For the first time in Morocco" the discovery of two new species of beetles "For the first time in Morocco" the discovery of two new species of beetles

"For the first time in Morocco" the discovery of two new species of beetles

"For the first time in Morocco" the discovery of two new species of beetles

A team of scientists has found two species of beetles in Morocco, the first time such organisms have been discovered in the region.

According to what the Moroccan newspaper “Hespress” reported, the discovered species of beetles are Glycia rufolimbata Maindron 1905 and Anister raffrayi Grouvelle 1905, and they were found in the sands of the southern provinces of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, in both the “Sebkha Imlili” and “Adrar Stouf” regions. " (Adrar Souttouf). 

The recent scientific study published by the Scientific Institute in Rabat indicated that Morocco has become another home for this type of beetle that had never been spotted in the country before.

A study of the region revealed that the southern regions of the country have become a refuge for these “new to Morocco” species, and also constitute a “space of pure biological diversity.”

The research paper stated that “the presence of the Glycia rufolimbata beetle in Sebkha Imlili is interesting as it is currently the northernmost station of this species in North Africa.”

Scientists are currently studying many samples of beetles from other species, the results of which will be announced in the future, with the aim of providing a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of the Moroccan soil bordering Mauritania.

The research paper stated, “This discovery began work on it in 2019, when a delegation from the Mediterranean Institute for Biodiversity and Environment from Marseille visited the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region, accompanied by a team from the Scientific Institute of Mohammed V University in Rabat, with the aim of analyzing ancient environmental changes and diversity.” "Biological transformation in an area known for its ecological transition, particularly in the indigenous wetlands of the Imlilli Sebkha."

The scientists pointed out through their study that “this region is distinguished by the peculiarity of containing more than 160 water pockets, and the home of a specific ecosystem that hosts specific animals and plants.”

The Moroccan-French scientific team points out that the newly discovered species of beetles have remained confined in the scientific record to the regions of Mauritania, various Sahel countries (especially in Niger), East Africa (specifically in Sudan), and various countries of the Arabian Peninsula, in addition to Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, and Greece. Now the Kingdom of Morocco joins the list of these countries.

The study indicated that six samples of these beetles were analyzed in France, and will be transported to Morocco in the future, permanently, “for preservation by the Scientific Institute in Rabat.”


  1. for preservation by the Scientific Institute in Rabat.”

  2. It's so cool that scientists found new species of beetles in Morocco! These beetles were never seen there before. They found them in sandy areas where different plants and animals live. Now, Morocco is part of their home, which helps scientists learn more about how nature changes over time. Discoveries like this are exciting because they show that there's always something new to find in the world!

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