Juice helps lower blood pressure Juice helps lower blood pressure

Juice helps lower blood pressure

Juice helps lower blood pressure

Dr. Natalia Denisova, a Russian nutrition expert, indicates that sweet peppers and beets help reduce high blood pressure, so it is preferable to add them to the diet.

According to her, sweet peppers are rich in potassium, which is necessary to regulate salt metabolism in the body and improve muscle function, including the heart muscle, naturally.

In addition, it contains a high percentage of vitamin C and the rare vitamin C, which improves the absorption of vitamin C. Both enhance the strength of capillaries. It is enough to eat half a fresh sweet pepper daily or cooked, although it contains a smaller amount of vitamin C. However, cooking increases the amount of carotenoids (anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor substances) and improves their digestion.

According to her, beets should be added to the diet in case of high blood pressure. Recent studies have shown that drinking 250 milliliters (a cup) of beet juice a day reduces blood pressure in patients who suffer from high blood pressure (when the upper pressure is 130-140, and the lower pressure is 85-90 mm Hg).

The expert indicates that the reason for this is because beets contain a high percentage of nitrates, which are converted in the body into nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow in the capillaries. That is, in addition to lowering blood pressure, it improves the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle, brain, and other organs of the body. Of course, raw beet juice lowers blood pressure more effectively. But it is better for people who suffer from chronic diseases to eat boiled beets.

An ideal diet to reduce blood pressure medications

An ideal diet to reduce blood pressure medications

Dr. Natalia Denisova, a Russian nutrition expert, points out that following a correct diet helps in some cases reduce the dose of blood pressure medications.

The expert said in an interview with the newspaper “Ergomenti e Facti”: “Vegetables are one of the main sources of potassium. Potassium enhances the removal of fluids from the body, and as a result, the level of blood pressure decreases and swelling decreases. Therefore, if the diet contains a lot of different vegetables, By reducing salt consumption, the dose of antihypertensive medications can theoretically be reduced.”

The doctor advises eating dill, parsley, lettuce and other leafy vegetables (10-15 grams) with every meal, provided that there are no problems with the pancreas and the vegetables do not cause heartburn, etc.

In addition, vegetables are beneficial for people who are overweight because the dietary fiber contained in them helps get rid of excess fat and cholesterol.

Fresh vegetables are an important source of antioxidants: vitamin C, carotenoids, chlorophyll, and others. Reddish-brown and purple vegetables contain anthocyanins and antioxidants, which increase their nutritional value.

According to her, humans need vitamin C and other antioxidants to improve blood circulation and stimulate the blood formation process and thus to improve the supply of oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues.

In addition, most vegetables are rich in volatile oils, especially dill, which reduces gas formation and improves digestion. In general, vegetables such as coriander, parsley, celery, and others help to some extent reduce the side effects associated with digesting large amounts of meat and prevent overeating.


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    Yes it is very good for us ,we should drink juice in our daily routine,it is good for our health

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  3. Russian nutrition expert Dr. Natalia Denisova suggests adding sweet peppers and beets to your diet to reduce high blood pressure. Sweet peppers are rich in potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants, which help regulate salt metabolism and improve muscle function. Beets, rich in nitrates, can also lower blood pressure by improving blood flow in capillaries. Vegetables, such as dill, parsley, and lettuce, are also beneficial for overweight individuals, as they contain dietary fiber, antioxidants, and volatile oils, which help reduce gas formation and digestion.

  4. This vegetable juice is not only good for low blood pressure but also brightens the skin.

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