The eruption damaged the seismic station on Mount Ruang The eruption damaged the seismic station on Mount Ruang

The eruption damaged the seismic station on Mount Ruang

The eruption damaged the seismic station on Mount Ruang

Jakarta - The Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) reported that the eruption of Mount Ruang which occurred early this morning damaged the seismic station which functions to record various volcanic earthquake activities.

Intermediate Earth Investigator Hetty Triastuty said the seismic station was built on the coast of Ruang Island, which is about two kilometers from the center of the active crater.

"Our equipment failed not long after the eruption occurred early this morning," he said at a press conference monitored in Jakarta, Tuesday.

Hetty said that although the seismic station on Ruang Island was damaged due to the eruption, his party still had a seismic station at the volcano observation post located on Tagulandang Island.

The seismic station that is still operating on Tagulandang Island is further away than the equipment on Ruang Island.

However, PVMBG also received assistance from several volcano observation posts in North Sulawesi and Maluku.

"Currently (volcanic activity and earthquakes) show that it is relatively calm compared to last night and early this morning," concluded Hetty.

The Gunung Ruang seismic station was damaged due to the eruption that occurred on April 17 2024. The Geological Agency team installed a replacement station at the Gunung Ruang observation post and began operating on April 20 2024.

Mount Ruang has a peak height of 725 meters above sea level and at the same time forms one a separate island separate from the other islands.

The strato-type mountain with a lava dome is administratively located in Tulusan Village, Tagulandang District, Sitaro Regency, North Sulawesi.

From 1 to 28 April 2024, the number of earthquakes recorded was 6 eruption earthquakes, 15 avalanche earthquakes, 1 tremor earthquake, 1 non-harmonic tremor earthquake, 3 continuous tremor earthquakes, 2,057 deep volcanic earthquakes, 1,018 shallow volcanic earthquakes. , 32 local tectonic earthquakes, and 195 distant tectonic earthquakes, and 7 earthquakes felt on the I MMI scale.

Meanwhile, the number of earthquakes recorded via seismic stations on April 29 2024, 00.00 to 24.00 WITA, was 15 avalanche earthquakes, 237 shallow volcanic earthquakes, 425 deep volcanic earthquakes, 25 local tectonic earthquakes, and 6 distant tectonic earthquakes. .

The number of eruptions that occurred today during the period from 00.00 to 12.00 WITA occurred three earthquakes with an amplitude of 55 millimeters and an earthquake duration of 360 to 600 seconds. PVMBG also noted that there were two continuous earthquake tremors with an amplitude of 20 to 55 mil


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