The perfect recipe for the elixir of life The perfect recipe for the elixir of life

The perfect recipe for the elixir of life

The perfect recipe for the elixir of life

From early history, humanity has dreamed of the Elixir of Life, an alchemical brew that the ancients believed would prolong life and, as a manifestation of the Philosopher's Stone, transform cheap metals into gold.

The word "elixir" was transferred to other languages ​​from Arabic, and it is an Arabized word whose origin is believed to have come from the Greek word "xyrion", which is a name given to a powder for drying wounds.

The elixir is not extracted from herbs like other traditional medicines, but is a potion prepared through chemistry. The ancients believed that, thanks to it, they could heal from diseases and obtain eternal youth and immortality.

In the Middle Ages, the main goal of alchemy in Eastern societies was to obtain the elixir of life. The research mission is to find a way to prolong life. Instead of converting cheap metals into precious ones, these cultures prioritized longevity and downplayed the importance of acquiring wealth.

The perfect recipe for the elixir of life..
The ancients believed that there were two ways to gain immortality, the first was internal, spiritual and philosophical, and the second was external, through a dose of elixir.

In China, elixir researchers conducted experiments in which they mixed many metals and materials such as lead, gold, and even mercury, and they believed that consuming precious metals would prolong life. In the modern era, we are well aware that mercury, for example, is deadly and destructive to the human body.

This matter was not known to the ancients. One of the most famous kings of ancient China died because he was taking doses of mercury, and he believed that this “elixir” would grant him immortality.

For the current era, modern laboratory pharmacology has shifted to focus on drug production and disease resistance, within broad areas of diverse specializations including the important science of genetics.

A Soviet and Russian biochemist named Vladimir Skulachev says in this regard: “Death is inevitable, but aging is no longer necessary.”

The perfect recipe for the elixir of life
This scientist says in a newspaper interview: “We will live longer. We will look young if we stop the aging program in time. Today, people die before the age of 60 from causes that do not depend on age, The task of pharmaceuticals is to find a substance that will stop aging. We were able to synthesize such a substance in 2005. We started testing it first on mice, then we tried it on fruit flies, then on crustaceans, on mushrooms, on plants. In all cases, there is a significant increase in life from an early age, fed to mice and rats With this substance, all the mice and rats that we fed with this substance had a long period of youth,” indicating that such a “drug” is still undergoing clinical trials.

The American thinker Orison Marden was interested in another aspect of this issue, and he saw that humans shorten their lives by repeating ingrained ideas about death and the end and convincing themselves that they have grown old and death is approaching them, and this is what is actually happening. Wrinkles appear on their faces and their bodies erode due to premature aging.

This thinker advises not to look for signs of aging in the mirror, but instead observe signs of youth and positive aspects.

 Marden pointed out that destructive thoughts can negatively affect cells and slow down the healing process, and thoughts of aging are transmitted to cells, including new cells, so they change and after a short time appear older than their age. This is the real elixir.


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  2. The word "elixir" was transferred to other languages from Arabic, and it is an

  3. Middle Ages, the main goal of alchemy in Eastern societies was to obtain the

  4. The pursuit of the Elixir of Life illustrates humanity's timeless quest for longevity. Today's science suggests a balanced mindset may be key to prolonged vitality.

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