Foods that cause annoying flatulence Foods that cause annoying flatulence

Foods that cause annoying flatulence

Foods that cause annoying flatulence

Health experts have revealed several different foods that have been proven to cause unpleasant flatulence that results in sulfur-smelling gas.

The most prominent of these foods are as follows:


Beef contains the amino acid methionine, which contains sulfur.

When the amino acid is broken down in the body, gut bacteria convert it into hydrogen sulfide, leading to flatulence and gas.

Fatty cuts of beef can slow down the digestion process due to complex molecules that take longer to break down in the body. It can take two full days to digest meat, which increases the possibility of uncomfortable gases.

Garlic and onions

Garlic is rich in compounds called fructans, which are fermentable carbohydrates also found in onions, green onions and wheat.

The digestive system cannot metabolize fructans, which leads to their transfer to the large intestine, where the bacteria that make up the intestinal microbiome ferment the food, leading to the appearance of gas and flatulence.


Chicken contains a lot of sulfur, mainly due to the amino acids methionine and cysteine.

When we eat chicken, the digestive system breaks down proteins into amino acids that are absorbed into the bloodstream.

As amino acids are metabolized in the body, sulfur compounds appear as byproducts.

Fried chicken contains a high percentage of fat, due to the amount of oil used in its preparation. High-fat foods are digested slowly, leading to fermentation in the intestines.

Chicken thighs contain more fat than other cuts, which may also contribute to the appearance of gas.

Artificial sweeteners

The body can have trouble digesting artificial sweeteners, such as Stevia and aspartame, the sweetener found in soft drinks.

Artificial sweeteners can pass through the small intestine into the large intestine, where they begin the fermentation process, which produces gases such as hydrogen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide.

Sweeteners found in popular soft drinks, such as Diet Coke, can also lead to bloating and changes in the gut microbiome.

Foods rich in fiber

Healthy, high-fiber foods, including broccoli, asparagus and cabbage, take longer to digest, increasing fermentation time in the large intestine.

The sulfur in these foods causes an unpleasant odor that leads to flatulence.


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