Benefits and harms of mint Benefits and harms of mint

Benefits and harms of mint

Benefits and harms of mint
Dr. Yelena Solomatina revealed the beneficial properties of mint and its harms, and identified people who should avoid eating it.

The doctor points out that mint is a unique plant, as it is on the one hand refreshing and stimulating, and on the other hand it causes relaxation. In addition, mint leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it is an ingredient in many medicines.

She says: “Mint has a pleasant refreshing taste. Because it contains bactericidal properties, it is often added to mouthwash. It is also used in medicines and preparations for treating gingivitis and stomatitis, damage to the mucous membrane of the mouth, and treating sore throat. It is also recommended to be added to drinks and tea in cases of cough.” Because it has an expectorant effect, and drinking mint tea in the evening helps you fall asleep quickly, because it has a calming effect, because it contains organic acids, and mint affects our energy and improves concentration.

According to her, mint positively affects the heart, blood vessels and digestive system.

She says: “The vitamin C found in mint strengthens the walls of blood vessels and helps dilate blood vessels and capillaries, so it is often used as a means of lowering blood pressure. It also has a choleretic effect, improves digestion, and helps treat indigestion and flatulence.”

But mint also has harmful properties, so not everyone can eat it.

She says: “People who suffer from low blood pressure should not consume mint, because the blood vessels expand and the pressure level may decrease further. It can also cause allergies when breastfeeding, so it is not recommended to drink drinks containing mint unless After consulting a doctor, men who suffer from low testosterone levels are not advised to take mint because it contains a high percentage of plant estrogens, and it is recommended to take other alternative tranquilizers.”


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