Benin-Niger: Niger asks China Benin-Niger: Niger asks China

Benin-Niger: Niger asks China

Benin-Niger: Niger asks China

Tensions between Benin and Niger have been intensifying since the coup d'état in Niger on July 26, 2023.

On Saturday, Nigerien Prime Minister Ali Mahaman Lamine spoke about the dispute between the two countries, explaining why Niger chose to keep its border with Benin closed despite the lifting of sanctions from the Economic Community of States from West Africa.

The head of government justified this decision by arguing that there are French bases on the territory of Benin and that the terrorists who threaten Niger are trained on some of them.

The chiefs of staff of the French and Beninese armies affirmed last December that there were no one-off missions falling within the framework of military cooperation between the two countries.

Earlier in the week, Beninese President Patrice Talon called the accusation “ridiculous,” adding that he had no interest in destabilizing his brother country Niger.

He spoke during his announcement to block Nigerien oil at the port of Sèmè-Kpodji on May 6. 

On this subject, the Nigerien Prime Minister accused Benin of betraying around ten agreements concluded between Niger, Benin and China in the context of the transport of Nigerien oil. 

Ali Mahaman Lamine asked "the Chinese side", at the heart of this project, to speak with the Beninese authorities.

The Beninese president hopes for a normalization of relations between Benin and Niger.


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