Causes of bad breath and ways to get rid of it Causes of bad breath and ways to get rid of it

Causes of bad breath and ways to get rid of it

Causes of bad breath and ways to get rid of it

Bad breath can appear due to a serious disease, and in this case it cannot be eliminated except after treating the disease causing it, which may be problems with the teeth and digestive system.

According to experts, causes of bad breath include tooth decay, gum disease, and dentinitis (a complication after tooth extraction). Other causes may include glossitis, bacteria, taking certain medications, smoking and poor oral hygiene. If nothing like this is detected, experts recommend checking the health of the salivary glands.

Other causes of bad breath include digestive system diseases and eating certain foods such as garlic.

Experts point out that to get rid of this problem, you must undergo treatment, but various methods can help get rid of the bad odor quickly, including using a refreshing spray, using mouthwash, refreshing candy, and chewing gum.

In addition, experts recommend using fresh mint as well as leafy vegetables, such as parsley, rosemary, celery, and others. Because chewing aromatic leaves after eating removes the bad smell. Eating fruits and vegetables - apples, cucumbers, sweet peppers, citrus fruits, etc. - also helps in getting rid of the smell.

There is another method, which is to use an elixir and balm with extracts of medicinal herbs, algae, tannins, and vitamins. In the case of chronic oral diseases, 15-25 drops of them are added to a cup of warm boiled water to rinse the mouth, and in acute cases, 30-50 drops are added to the cup of water.


  1. Bad breath can stem from various dental and digestive issues, but it's treatable. Freshening sprays, mouthwashes, and natural remedies like mint can help combat it effectively.

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