A doctor dispels 5 major myths about children's nutrition A doctor dispels 5 major myths about children's nutrition

A doctor dispels 5 major myths about children's nutrition

A doctor dispels 5 major myths about children's nutrition

Dr. Daria Khaykina, an endocrinologist, points out that there are many myths surrounding children's nutrition, some of which can lead to bad eating habits, which are often very dangerous.

The doctor dispelled five main illusions, including:

First: According to her, “children need a lot of milk for strong bones.”

“Yes, milk is a good source of calcium,” she says. “It is good for children, but milk is high in calories, and frequent consumption can lead to weight gain. In addition, a large number of children suffer from lactose intolerance.”

Second:  Children should eat porridge for breakfast.
She says: "It is true that children love these foods because they are light and delicious, but they contain a lot of sugar. Therefore, it is best to provide children with a breakfast rich in proteins and fiber, such as oatmeal porridge with fruits and vegetables."

Third: (Salt is not as dangerous as sugar),
but according to her, excessive salt intake can lead to high blood pressure even in children. Therefore, instead of salt, it is preferable to use natural spices and herbs to improve the taste of dishes.

Fourth: (The less fat, the better).

“Fats are essential for brain function,” she says. “So fats cannot be excluded, let alone completely removed. So it is best to choose healthy sources of fats, such as nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils, and exclude trans fats.”

Fifth: (Children after the age of three need to drink no less than 1.5 liters of water).

But according to her, the child should not be "drowned" with water. Everyone has their own privacy, especially when it comes to children. That is, the amount of fluids that the child drinks must be proportional to his lifestyle, height, and weight.

According to her, these myths can seriously affect children's health and development. Pointing out that proper nutrition in childhood is the cornerstone of health in adulthood.


  1. Dr. Daria Khaykina, an endocrinologist, debunks common myths about children's nutrition, advising against excessive milk consumption and sugary breakfasts, emphasizing the importance of balanced fats and personalized hydration.

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