Benefits and harms of sun exposure Benefits and harms of sun exposure

Benefits and harms of sun exposure

Benefits and harms of sun exposure

Dr. Sona Isakova, an oncologist, points out that the sun can have a positive and negative effect on the human body.

According to her, the positive effect of the sun lies in stimulating the body to produce vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin). Under the influence of sunlight, the process of synthesis of this vitamin, which is very beneficial for health, is activated, as it helps improve the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for bone health. It also positively affects the functioning of many systems and organs of the body - the immune system, endocrine glands, and neuromuscular system.

She says: “In addition, the sun works to enhance the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, which improves mood, reduces anxiety, and improves activity and emotional feelings. This is what most people need at all times of the year, so taking it even in the summer in preventive doses has what it does.” It is justified, but after consulting a specialist doctor.”

The doctor points out that among the negative consequences of exposure to sunlight are skin aging and the risk of skin cancer. This is due to the aggressive effects of ultraviolet rays, which is why it is very important to use sunscreen at any time of the year when the UV index is 3 or more.

She says: “The ideal degree of protection from the sun’s rays is 30, 50+. We must remember that the degree of protection from the sun’s rays increases with the amount of time a person spends in the sun.”


  1. Dr. Sona Isakova highlights the dual nature of sun exposure: beneficial for vitamin D production and mood enhancement but risky due to skin aging and cancer. Sunscreen is essential.

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