Causes of early cataracts Causes of early cataracts

Causes of early cataracts

Causes of early cataracts
Today, 50 million people live in the world with blindness, a large percentage of whom are blind due to cataracts.

Dr. Kolgiana Argimatova, head of the Moscow Ophthalmology Center, points out that cataract disease develops in the following way: Everything appears to the eye at first blurry and double, and then you do not see anything.

According to her, cataracts are a widespread disease, with the number of people infected with it reaching 20 million around the world. There are many factors that cause cataracts: smoking, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, aging, and genetics.

But recently, the disease has begun to affect young people as well. It turns out that the reason is due to excessive use of electronic devices and not wearing sunglasses. The early development of cataracts is also affected by environmental factors, eye injuries, and other eye diseases such as glaucoma and myopia.


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