The correct way to bandage wounds The correct way to bandage wounds

The correct way to bandage wounds

The correct way to bandage wounds
Many people suffer from a problem with wound healing after undergoing surgery or sustaining injuries, but some simple steps may help solve this problem.

On the subject, Russian doctor Alexander Myasnikov said: “There are many ancient methods that were used to care for wounds, as it was the custom sometimes not to bandage the wound, but modern theories indicate that placing bandages on the wound speeds up the healing process.”

He added: “When the wound is properly covered with a bandage and without air pockets underneath it or without the bandage being excessively tight, the vital components present in the wound area stimulate the growth of fibroblasts and speed up the healing process. Therefore, it is recommended not to wash wounds occasionally with some antiseptics such as iodine. “Because it blocks growth factors and slows down the healing process.”

The doctor pointed out that there are currently many industrial materials and medications that help speed up the wound healing process, such as ointments, so doctors advise using these materials in some cases, and in the case of chronic wounds that do not heal, the secretions become harmful, and to disinfect these wounds, enzymes are used. Especially to remove pus and rough edges of the wound, which promotes the formation of vital tissue that repairs the wound.


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