Consequences of children being exposed to heavy metal poisoning Consequences of children being exposed to heavy metal poisoning

Consequences of children being exposed to heavy metal poisoning

Consequences of children being exposed to heavy metal poisoning
Dr. Svetlana Djoma, a pediatrician, points out that there are more than 40 types of heavy metals in nature, some of which are highly toxic. The consequences of poisoning children with it are revealed.

According to her, the most toxic metals are arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead. These elements exist in nature, and are also formed as a result of human activity, which poses a threat to the child's weak body.

She says: “Arsenic and mercury are advanced in terms of toxic effects on the body. The first element is found in car exhausts, emissions from chemical factories, as well as in seawater, where a child, while bathing, can receive a large dose of arsenic, and suffer from severe poisoning. It accumulates. This toxic metal gradually penetrates the child’s intestines, liver and kidneys, as well as in the skin and hair, leading to the development of serious diseases such as neuropathy (psychological and emotional disorders), kidney failure, decreased hearing acuity, speech disorders, etc.

As for mercury, it indicates that all its forms are toxic, especially methylmercury, which is found in high levels in fish and seafood. When these foods are eaten regularly, methylmercury - a dangerous neurotoxin, accumulates in the liver, kidneys and brain, causing nervous system disorder, frequent seizures, and sometimes osteoporosis.

The doctor points out that cadmium causes serious harm to health. The interesting thing is that its main source is food - coriander, parsley, celery, legumes, cabbage and potatoes. That is, when a child eats these foods periodically, he may obtain vitamins that are beneficial to his body, along with cadmium poisoning, which leads to disruption of the functioning of his vital organs, including the brain and kidneys. Children also suffer from increased fatigue and anemia.

Car exhaust gases are considered the main source of lead, as continuous exposure to it in childhood leads to serious consequences - disruption of the blood composition and metabolism process, as well as the heart and blood vessels.

She says: “Lead toxicity increases when there is a lack of calcium and iron in the body. In addition, lead can replace calcium in the joints, causing diseases of the musculoskeletal system in children.”

The doctor warns parents not to confuse the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning in children with fatigue, stress, or chronic diseases, as is often the case. Therefore, to diagnose the cause, laboratory tests must be performed.


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