Does heat cause acne? Does heat cause acne?

Does heat cause acne?

Does heat cause acne?
Dr. Elizaveta Abalukhova, a dermatologist, mycologist and mycologist, points out that there is a myth that summer acne dries up and disappears on its own.

The doctor refutes this illusion, pointing out that when exposed to sunlight for a long period, the condition gets worse. Because the exacerbation of acne in the summer is linked to the effect of ultraviolet rays, which negatively affect the skin.

According to her, ultraviolet rays in small doses affect the skin positively and therapeutically, as they have a disinfectant effect, suppress the activity of Propionibacterium bacteria, and contribute to reducing inflammation.

She says: “But upon prolonged exposure to sunlight, skin damage occurs and its protective properties decrease: the activity of the sebaceous glands increases, and the production of sebum increases, which subsequently leads to blockage of the glands’ secretory ducts; keratinization and darkening increase as a protective reaction in response to the damage. And more than that, the activity increases.” Free radical oxidizer.

She adds: "There is the concept of Mallorcan acne (summer acne, sun-induced acne) - a skin disease that appears suddenly in the summer and regresses spontaneously in the winter, and is characterized by a rash of flat red follicular papules on sun-exposed areas of the body. It appears mostly in young people." “Aging from 20 to 40 years during the summer vacation, it is associated with prolonged exposure to sunlight and the use of sunscreen products that cause clogged skin pores.”

According to her, the rash in this case is papules or papular vesicles, localized in open areas of the body exposed to ultraviolet rays.

She says: “To avoid this condition, you must use products that do not clog skin pores and then remove them properly after sunbathing. It is best not to be exposed to the sun during the period from 11 to 16 o’clock.”

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