South Africa: towards a profound change in policy? South Africa: towards a profound change in policy?

South Africa: towards a profound change in policy?

South Africa: towards a profound change in policy?
As the May 29 elections in South Africa approach, Anele Mda is ending her campaign by calling for a profound change in the country's politics.

The independent candidate outlined what South African voters would commit to by electing candidates to parliament in the upcoming poll.

"There are literally no South Africans to convince of the need for change. There are none, not a single one. A person who votes for the ANC (African National Congress) is a complicit person, who has made the decision to declare itself complicit in the rot that is happening. Because they can see the rot, they know the rot, they live in the rot, don't they? There is therefore no one to whom exceptional attention must be paid to convince him,” declared Anele Mda, independent candidate. 

Recent polls show support for the ruling ANC party is below 40%, suggesting it risks losing its parliamentary majority for the first time in Wednesday's vote.

"An elderly person, a young person, a professional, a worker, an unemployed person, a semi-skilled person, a skilled person, an unskilled person. Everyone lives in a state of extreme discouragement because there are so many things that take away hope. There are so many things that are undermining the faith that people had in public service. There are so many things that are going catastrophically wrong in our country. That's why independent candidates are a fundamental strategic vector. " , added the independent candidate in the South African election. 

Unemployment and poverty are the most pressing problems for the majority of the population.

"I will approach each issue objectively, on a case-by-case basis. I will not have a standardized coalition agreement with anyone. I will complete my term as an independent MP serving the people of South Africa and directly responsible to him.", explained Anele Mda, independent candidate. 

Seventy political parties are registered for the vote, the highest number ever, and independent candidates will be allowed to run for the first time.


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