What happens when you stop having sex for several months? What happens when you stop having sex for several months?

What happens when you stop having sex for several months?

What happens when you stop having sex for several months?
Experts warn of the danger of not having sexual intercourse for a long time, as this can harm the reproductive organs.

Speaking to the Daily Mail website, Dr. Tara Soenyatichaiporn, a sex and relationships expert, said that men who are not sexually active can face a very rare condition called penile atrophy, where the tissues can become less elastic, leading to the organ shrinking by 1 to 100 pounds. 2 cm.

She also says that spending a month or more without having sexual intercourse may cause increased levels of stress in men and women, due to sexual frustration, anxiety, depression, and anger. It can cause other psychological effects and push some people to infidelity.

She explained that depending on a person's general mental health, severe symptoms (such as pain during sex) could develop within 6 months, or it could take about 5 years.

She revealed that having sexual intercourse leads to the release of feel-good hormones, such as oxytocin (the love hormone), dopamine, and serotonin, which regulates your emotions and enhances your mood.

Dopamine is known as a chemical secreted by the brain to enhance feelings of pleasure, but if your body does not produce enough of it, you may suffer from insecurity and low self-esteem.

A study, conducted in 2021, indicated that not meeting sexual needs can make people frustrated, which may lead to increased aggressive behavior.

Sexual therapist, Sari Cooper, added that going through a period of “sexual drought” is normal between couples, but going for a long period without having sex can cause major problems with your partner.

Experts have warned that men are more likely to develop medical problems, such as penile atrophy and prostate cancer, if they abstain from sex for long periods.

Researchers believe that carcinogenic substances accumulate in the prostate over time, which increases the risk of cancer, but studies have found that sex may prevent this because it expels harmful chemicals that accumulate in semen, according to the Urology Foundation.

Experts recommended that you should look for a certified sex therapist to help "address these problems through proper guidance."


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