Are our genetics behind our desire to drink coffee? Are our genetics behind our desire to drink coffee?

Are our genetics behind our desire to drink coffee?

Are our genetics behind our desire to drink coffee?

The morning routine for many involves drinking a cup of coffee immediately after waking up to get the most energy, but researchers say that love of coffee may be influenced by our genes.

Researchers from Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the University of California San Diego (UCSD) used genetic data as well as self-reported coffee consumption numbers to compile a genome-wide association study (GWAS).

These types of studies use large amounts of genetic data to help researchers identify genetic variants, genes, and biology associated with a particular disease or health trait.

The researchers compared genetic characteristics of coffee consumption from the 23andMe database in the United States with a larger set of records in the United Kingdom.

“We used this data to identify regions of the genome associated with whether someone is more or less likely to consume coffee, and then identify the genes and biology that That lies behind drinking coffee.”

The results showed a genetic influence on coffee consumption. In other words, specific genetic variants inherited from parents affect the amount of coffee you are likely to consume.

However, the conclusions surrounding the health consequences of a cup of coffee have not been definitive.

The group's genome-wide association study of 130,153 US-based 23andMe research participants was compared with a similar UK Biobank database of 334,649 UK residents.

The comparison revealed consistent positive genetic associations between coffee and adverse health outcomes such as obesity and drug use in both groups.

Thorpe said that this does not mean that a person who drinks coffee will use other substances or become obese, but rather that the genetic predisposition to drinking coffee is somehow related to these traits.

She added that while the study helps better understand how coffee affects an individual's health, more work is needed to understand the relationship between coffee, other substance use, and health problems across unique settings.


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