Burkina: youth boycott a meeting of activist Kemi Seba Burkina: youth boycott a meeting of activist Kemi Seba

Burkina: youth boycott a meeting of activist Kemi Seba

Burkina: youth boycott a meeting of activist Kemi Seba

The activist Kemi Seba went to Burkina with the ambition of giving a meeting for youth, but the room remained almost empty, so he did not show up.
In Burkina Faso, while anti-West and anti-UN demonstrations are in full swing in the capital Ouagadougou, activist and polemicist Kemi Seba traveled to the country to meet the head of the junta Ibrahim Traoré and his supporters.

Accused of promoting Russian policy on the continent and in French-speaking countries , he defended himself during a press conference, also returning to the controversy over Russian flags during demonstrations.

“And in front of the Russian authorities, I gave speeches saying that if Russia made the mistake of moving closer to Africa, of wanting to reproduce the same neocolonial patterns as what France committed, we would fight Russia. And that's why I'm one of the rare people who object when there are demonstrations in Africa to brandishing the Russian flag, and I say that when we do that we humiliate ourselves. You won’t see Burkina Faso flags being waved during demonstrations in Russia, so we too must learn to avoid them,” said Kemi SEBA, Pan-Africanist activist.

Unfortunately a hard blow for the activist, his meeting planned for this Saturday in Ouagadougou was boycotted by young Burkinabés , he did not even show up in the almost empty meeting room with the exception of a few fans.

“Completely disappointed because we have been here since 2 p.m. and waited for 2 hours or even 3 hours and in the end we come to tell you that the conference will not take place, it’s really a total disappointment ,” said Kader ZONGO, a young Burkinabe.

For these Burkinabés, pan-African speeches are far from the reality on the ground because young people die every day in the desert and the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe. For Kader Zongo, the fault lies with the leaders who offer no perspective to the youth in search of a better future, as paradoxical as it may be, it will be difficult for this generation to believe in the speeches of the new saviors when the leaders do not have of no desire for change.

“It's not that it's a paradox, but it will never stop because what are we offering in a way, what are our leaders offering to young people who decide to brave the waters to go to the West? Here what poses a problem is the fact that what this youth does not find here pushes it to brave the pecans to find a better future in the West. May African leaders follow suit for total sovereignty of African countries, which will give further hope to young people ,” said Kader ZONGO, a young Burkinabe.

These young Burkinabés are not only calling for in-depth work so that the authorities invest in programs that will allow them to stay in their country and benefit from the advantages they have outside.

They expect from the current government the development of agriculture when we know that the country has around 80% farmers, the fight against corruption and favoritism in state institutions.


  1. It is emphasizing the urgency for effective governance and sustainable development.

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