Floods sweep through southern Germany Floods sweep through southern Germany

Floods sweep through southern Germany

Floods sweep through southern Germany
Many Bavarian regions in Germany declared a state of emergency on Saturday after heavy rains, floods and the collapse of dams in the south of the country.

Local authorities reported that in the Vischach district of Augsburg, many people had to leave their homes and some were evacuated by helicopters.

A water barrier and dam collapsed, the Schmater River overflowed and roads were flooded.

Similar to Augsburg, the authorities of Aisach-Friedberg, Neu-Ulm, Pfaffenhofen and Donau-Ries also declared a state of emergency, in order to better coordinate relief.

The Gönzberg district did the same thing on Friday evening.

The state of Baden-Württemberg, neighboring the state of Bavaria, was also severely affected by bad weather conditions.

The Federal Relief Agency, for its part, announced that it had mobilized about 400 people in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg to combat the floods.

Deutsche Bahn announced that train traffic was disrupted in these areas, as no flights were being operated on the Munich-Bregenz-Zurich line and the Stuttgart-Ulm-Augsburg-Munich line.

In eastern Baden-Württemberg, floods were recorded on Friday night into Saturday, according to the regional Ministry of the Environment.

Floods are expected in the tributaries of the Danube River.

On Friday evening, the municipality of Meckenborn, in the Lake Constance region, called on about 1,300 people to leave due to the risk of flooding.

The German Meteorological Service also warned of continued rainfall in the southern half of Germany, and it is expected to decrease on Sunday.

Bad weather conditions were expected to affect the states of Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt in the east of the country on Saturday evening.


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