In some regions, the list of female military personnel began to be collected : Myanmar In some regions, the list of female military personnel began to be collected : Myanmar

In some regions, the list of female military personnel began to be collected : Myanmar

In some regions, the list of female military personnel began to be collected :  Myanmar

Although the Military Council has denied that there has been a census of women for military service, the townships in Irrawaddy and Tanintharyi Divisions. In the wards and villages, residents said that members of the administration are already preparing to start collecting lists of women who are covered by the military service law. Locals said that in some areas, there are such things as choosing by lottery and sending summons to the house.

Maupin, Irrawaddy Hinthata Residents told RFA that since the beginning of this month, members of the ward administration have been preparing to conduct a military service census of women in Pathein district's villages.

A resident of Pathein, who did not want to be named for security reasons, said, "The training (6) training school in Pathein is the same, and since the number of male trainees is not full, women are being recruited from May 29th. Currently, dormitories are being built exclusively for women in training (6) to attend the training in an emergency, let's say, Yachin. As for Maupin District, the women's conscription has started on the 3rd of the military service week. "

On the side of the military council, it has been announced that women who meet the age requirements for military service will be called up every week (5) according to the approved military service law.

In addition, General Zaw Min Tun, the spokesman for the Military Council, also said that women will not be called up for military service immediately.

However, in reality, the members of the local administration are recruiting men for military service in various ways, as well as preparing to enumerate women from early June, according to local residents.

A resident of Hinthata said that there are reports that a census of female military personnel will be held starting this month in some neighborhoods of Hinthata.

"Also in Hinthata district, there is news that women will be called this week from the community close to the administrative office. This month. In Hinthata city, Taklay Ward, Carpenter's Ward, things that are close to me. This is Ta Paysa Taung Ward. Women will be called in the next batch. This is the news from the neighborhoods close to me."

Because of this news, most of the young women are fleeing to safe places in the country and to foreign countries in various ways.

"They (administrative group) have called me. There are two chickens and two girls. They have called me to serve in the military. "

Similarly, in Tanintharyi, local village administration members are preparing to recruit women for military service. In Myeik Township, local residents said that the governors under the military council are forcing them to collect the list of women who are eligible for military service through the village chiefs.

In Dawei, a Dawei resident who did not want to be named for security reasons told RFA that two women were summoned to their homes to serve in the military just a few days ago.

"I got a call from them (the governing body). There are two people in the chicken field, two girls. They called me to serve in the military. A boy next to my house said that he came in a black car. There is no girl in that house. There is no girl. She has not been there since the beginning. They are going to Thailand (Thailand). In some neighborhoods, there are no young people anymore."

The Dawei resident said that he is currently hearing news that the neighborhood where he lives and the surrounding area are preparing to take a census of women for military service.

Whether women were ordered to take the census for military service? In order to find out, RFA repeatedly contacted the phone numbers of the militia recruitment team in Tanintharyi and Irrawaddy, including the chairman's office of the Military Council Militia Recruitment Central Organization, but there was no response.

The military service law of the Military Council stipulates that men between the ages of 18 and 35 and women between the ages of 18 and 27 must serve in the military.

Married women and women with children are exempted from military service.

Captain Kaung Thu Win, who is participating in the Non-Violent Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM), said that there is a possibility that the women who will be recruited for military service will be assigned to the office and the armed forces rather than being assigned to the frontline battlefield.

"We will usually do it in positions that can be done from the rear of the relevant army. Those who fight in the front line are not able to become a line immediately. If it is for city security or things like that, we will use it. But it is very rare. It will be a very rare situation."

The Military Council announced that the military service weeks (1) and (2) have been opened, and now all the national servicemen recruited for the week (3) have arrived at their respective training institutes on June 22.

According to the Burmese Affairs and Conflict Monitoring Group (BACS), about nine thousand young men from all over the country have been recruited for the Military Council's conscription weeks (1) and (2).

According to the People's Service Law, the military service period is set at two years, experts must serve for three years, and five years during state emergencies. Those who are summoned to military service and refuse to do their duty will be sentenced to three years in prison and a fine. In addition, it is stipulated that those who encourage and assist in the commission of any offense under the Military Service Act may be sentenced to one year in prison and a fine.

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